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   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.05 -> 1.06 transition]]   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.05 -> 1.06 transition]]
   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.04 -> 1.05 transition]]   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.04 -> 1.05 transition]]
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.19 (2021-05-17) =====
 +  - Transfer Sky Texture To Tagged Sector (272) now properly draws the sky.
 +  - The SpawnID has now been removed for PlasmaBall1 and PlasmaBall2.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.18 (2021-05-12) =====
 +  - Fixed an unusual auto-join case that would result in players on non-playing teams being joined to the game after a map vote/reset.
 +  - Fixed a condition with the "Spawn where died" dmflag that would result in a player being able to pickup an item before spawning had completed.
 +  - Uncapped interpolation added for 'AimingCamera', 'SecurityCamera' and 'MovingCamera'.
 +  - The Wraithverge, Quietus and Bloodscourge weapons now have the 'WIF_EXTREME_DEATH' flag set by default.\\ An internal exception always caused extreme death to occur when the weapons in question were used, regardless of whether the flag was set or not.
 +  - Own settings added for score background in intermission.
 +  - Doom's Pre-Beta BFG added as Dehacked weapon action 'FireOldBFG'. Projectiles: 'PlasmaBall1' and 'PlasmaBall2'.\\ Language obituary keyword: 'OB_MPBFG_MBF'. Related Dehacked keyword for bouncing type: 'ZD_OLDBFGBOUNCE'.
 +  - Doom Beta Evil Sceptre ('EvilSceptre', 'BON3A0', 'BETA_BONUS3') and Unholy Bible ('UnholyBible', 'BON4A0', 'BETA_BONUS4') added.
 +  - Fixed a crash that would occur if you were killed by an orphaned projectile while in a weaponless state.
 +  - The Freeview Player is now capable of full movement while a demo is in a paused state.
 +  - Previously when using A_VileChase on an actor it would always go into the hardcoded Archvile frames when an actor was being resurrected. It is now possible to change those frames by rerouting them through using: 'Heal Frame ZD' on the thingblock.
 +  - You can now also set a custom sound that will play during the resurrection of an actor. For that you will need to use 'Heal Sound ZD' on the thingblock. It accepts both sound mnemonic or DeHackEd number.
 +  - 'spec_warp' allows '$playername' and '#player_id' now.
 +  - Several fixes for uncapped interpolation in online mode. "Jackhammer" effect of elevators and floor juddering is gone now.
 +  - Callvote cancel kicked the players out of the server. Fixed.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.17 (2021-04-12) =====
 +  - Support added for maps with NODES in compressed and uncompressed ZDBSP format.
 +  - Characters of classic fonts increased, so e.g. all Cyrillic letters can be used now.
 +  - Markers for demo playback added. The markers can be set while a demo is being recorded and get stored in the .zdl demo playlist file. If you edit a .zdl manually make sure the entries are separated with tab. 'demo_goto #marker' can be used to skip demo playback to a marker.\\ New CVars and CCMDs:
 +    * demo_addmarker
 +    * demo_undomarker
 +    * demo_clearmarkers
 +    * demo_tonextmarker
 +    * demo_toprevmarker\\ All demo related key bindings can be found in 'Demo Settings Menu'.
 +  - Stalagmite thing (5050) added.
 +  - Weapon flag 'WIF_NOAUTOFIRE' and Dehacked 'NOAUTOFIRE' reverted for now to avoid dropshots.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.16 (2021-03-31) =====
 +  - Codepointer mismatch notices will now provide more detail:
 +    * a. State Number
 +    * b. Action Name
 +    * c. Actor Name\\ The mismatch notices have also been limited to appear a maximum of 5 times per map change/reset. This reduces the spammage that could otherwise occur.
 +  - If there are any missing skin and/or sprite frames, it is now possible to get additional information about these cases with the following developer cvar values:
 +    * a. developer 1: missing skin frames
 +    * b. developer 2: missing sprite and skin frames\\ NOTE: When it comes to missing sprite frames, this could be down to frames being re-used elsewhere as a result of dehacked modifications, so those notices should only be used as a gauge rather than an indication of an actual problem.
 +  - Implementation of menu 'Weapon Slots' as sub menu of 'Customize Controls' 'Weapons'.
 +  - Fix for a crash for 0 byte music lumps.
 +  - New CVar 'demo_goto' to skip demos to a certain time.\\ Usage: demo_goto <minutes> [seconds] [tics]
 +  - Chat block functions can be used in demo playback now. Useful for recording videos from demo playback.
 +  - Player angle (for others, not own) can be wrong after spawning for a short time. Fixed.
 +  - Fix for Floor_RaiseAndCrush. 8 from the lowest ceiling's height was missing.
 +  - Fix for force spawn where the client's view could show position 0/0 during screen wipe (e.g. map_reset in Deathmatch, Warmup to Game in Duel).
 +  - Team radar can be set to "Player Color" now. Survival/Coop only.
 +  - Sitrep can show a square with the player color now (like the scoreboard) when a "+Col" setting is used. Non-teamgames only.
 +  - New ACS function added: ZD_GetGameInfo(int info).\\ Depending on 'info' it returns:\\ 0 ZD_GAMEINFO_SURVIVALRESET All players failed in Survival.\\ 1 ZD_GAMEINFO_IN_OVERTIME   Game is in overtime.\\ 2 ZD_GAMEINFO_IN_WARMUP     Warmup in Duel is active. Server only.\\ 3 ZD_GAMEINFO_IN_LOBBY      Game is in map00 and Lobby is active.\\ Server only.
 +  - New ACS function added regarding ScriptedMarines:\\ The function will return the skin name for the provided TID.\\ The syntax of the declaration is:\\ str ZD_GetMarineSkin(tid); \\ It will return the name as declared in the S_SKIN lump.
 +  - Weapon flag 'WIF_NOAUTOFIRE' should now work as intended.
 +  - Implementation of DeHackEd extension 'Flags ZD' for the 'Weapon' (PatchWeapon) block. Allows for weapon flags to be Added and Removed. The mnemonics are (for now):\\ "NOAUTOFIRE", - weapon does not autofire.\\ "READYSNDHALF", - ready sound is played with 50% probability.\\ "DONTBOB", - no weapon bobbing.\\ "AXEBLOOD", - (Hexen) axe blood on impact.\\ "FIREDAMAGE", - fire damage on impact.\\ "BLOODSPLATTER" - spawns blood splatter on impact.\\ "NOALERT" - weapon does not alert monsters.\\ "EXTREMEDEATH" - weapon always causes an extreme death.\\ Just like "Bits" on the 'Thing' block you can assign multiple flags to the weapon e.g:\\ 'DONTBOB + BLOODSPLATTER' Using 0 on the same line will erase everything that comes before it.
 +  - Fix for player collision when OS wallrunning is enabled.
 +  - The position of the Client Timer can be set now by using 'cl_timeleft_x' and 'cl_timeleft_y'. A value of 0 means the position will be done automatically.
 ===== ZDaemon 1.10.15 (2021-01-01) ===== ===== ZDaemon 1.10.15 (2021-01-01) =====
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