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   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.05 -> 1.06 transition]]   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.05 -> 1.06 transition]]
   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.04 -> 1.05 transition]]   * [[|Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.04 -> 1.05 transition]]
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.19 (2021-05-17) =====
 +  - Transfer Sky Texture To Tagged Sector (272) now properly draws the sky.
 +  - The SpawnID has now been removed for PlasmaBall1 and PlasmaBall2.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.18 (2021-05-12) =====
 +  - Fixed an unusual auto-join case that would result in players on non-playing teams being joined to the game after a map vote/reset.
 +  - Fixed a condition with the "Spawn where died" dmflag that would result in a player being able to pickup an item before spawning had completed.
 +  - Uncapped interpolation added for 'AimingCamera', 'SecurityCamera' and 'MovingCamera'.
 +  - The Wraithverge, Quietus and Bloodscourge weapons now have the 'WIF_EXTREME_DEATH' flag set by default.\\ An internal exception always caused extreme death to occur when the weapons in question were used, regardless of whether the flag was set or not.
 +  - Own settings added for score background in intermission.
 +  - Doom's Pre-Beta BFG added as Dehacked weapon action 'FireOldBFG'. Projectiles: 'PlasmaBall1' and 'PlasmaBall2'.\\ Language obituary keyword: 'OB_MPBFG_MBF'. Related Dehacked keyword for bouncing type: 'ZD_OLDBFGBOUNCE'.
 +  - Doom Beta Evil Sceptre ('EvilSceptre', 'BON3A0', 'BETA_BONUS3') and Unholy Bible ('UnholyBible', 'BON4A0', 'BETA_BONUS4') added.
 +  - Fixed a crash that would occur if you were killed by an orphaned projectile while in a weaponless state.
 +  - The Freeview Player is now capable of full movement while a demo is in a paused state.
 +  - Previously when using A_VileChase on an actor it would always go into the hardcoded Archvile frames when an actor was being resurrected. It is now possible to change those frames by rerouting them through using: 'Heal Frame ZD' on the thingblock.
 +  - You can now also set a custom sound that will play during the resurrection of an actor. For that you will need to use 'Heal Sound ZD' on the thingblock. It accepts both sound mnemonic or DeHackEd number.
 +  - 'spec_warp' allows '$playername' and '#player_id' now.
 +  - Several fixes for uncapped interpolation in online mode. "Jackhammer" effect of elevators and floor juddering is gone now.
 +  - Callvote cancel kicked the players out of the server. Fixed.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.17 (2021-04-12) =====
 +  - Support added for maps with NODES in compressed and uncompressed ZDBSP format.
 +  - Characters of classic fonts increased, so e.g. all Cyrillic letters can be used now.
 +  - Markers for demo playback added. The markers can be set while a demo is being recorded and get stored in the .zdl demo playlist file. If you edit a .zdl manually make sure the entries are separated with tab. 'demo_goto #marker' can be used to skip demo playback to a marker.\\ New CVars and CCMDs:
 +    * demo_addmarker
 +    * demo_undomarker
 +    * demo_clearmarkers
 +    * demo_tonextmarker
 +    * demo_toprevmarker\\ All demo related key bindings can be found in 'Demo Settings Menu'.
 +  - Stalagmite thing (5050) added.
 +  - Weapon flag 'WIF_NOAUTOFIRE' and Dehacked 'NOAUTOFIRE' reverted for now to avoid dropshots.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.16 (2021-03-31) =====
 +  - Codepointer mismatch notices will now provide more detail:
 +    * a. State Number
 +    * b. Action Name
 +    * c. Actor Name\\ The mismatch notices have also been limited to appear a maximum of 5 times per map change/reset. This reduces the spammage that could otherwise occur.
 +  - If there are any missing skin and/or sprite frames, it is now possible to get additional information about these cases with the following developer cvar values:
 +    * a. developer 1: missing skin frames
 +    * b. developer 2: missing sprite and skin frames\\ NOTE: When it comes to missing sprite frames, this could be down to frames being re-used elsewhere as a result of dehacked modifications, so those notices should only be used as a gauge rather than an indication of an actual problem.
 +  - Implementation of menu 'Weapon Slots' as sub menu of 'Customize Controls' 'Weapons'.
 +  - Fix for a crash for 0 byte music lumps.
 +  - New CVar 'demo_goto' to skip demos to a certain time.\\ Usage: demo_goto <minutes> [seconds] [tics]
 +  - Chat block functions can be used in demo playback now. Useful for recording videos from demo playback.
 +  - Player angle (for others, not own) can be wrong after spawning for a short time. Fixed.
 +  - Fix for Floor_RaiseAndCrush. 8 from the lowest ceiling's height was missing.
 +  - Fix for force spawn where the client's view could show position 0/0 during screen wipe (e.g. map_reset in Deathmatch, Warmup to Game in Duel).
 +  - Team radar can be set to "Player Color" now. Survival/Coop only.
 +  - Sitrep can show a square with the player color now (like the scoreboard) when a "+Col" setting is used. Non-teamgames only.
 +  - New ACS function added: ZD_GetGameInfo(int info).\\ Depending on 'info' it returns:\\ 0 ZD_GAMEINFO_SURVIVALRESET All players failed in Survival.\\ 1 ZD_GAMEINFO_IN_OVERTIME   Game is in overtime.\\ 2 ZD_GAMEINFO_IN_WARMUP     Warmup in Duel is active. Server only.\\ 3 ZD_GAMEINFO_IN_LOBBY      Game is in map00 and Lobby is active.\\ Server only.
 +  - New ACS function added regarding ScriptedMarines:\\ The function will return the skin name for the provided TID.\\ The syntax of the declaration is:\\ str ZD_GetMarineSkin(tid); \\ It will return the name as declared in the S_SKIN lump.
 +  - Weapon flag 'WIF_NOAUTOFIRE' should now work as intended.
 +  - Implementation of DeHackEd extension 'Flags ZD' for the 'Weapon' (PatchWeapon) block. Allows for weapon flags to be Added and Removed. The mnemonics are (for now):\\ "NOAUTOFIRE", - weapon does not autofire.\\ "READYSNDHALF", - ready sound is played with 50% probability.\\ "DONTBOB", - no weapon bobbing.\\ "AXEBLOOD", - (Hexen) axe blood on impact.\\ "FIREDAMAGE", - fire damage on impact.\\ "BLOODSPLATTER" - spawns blood splatter on impact.\\ "NOALERT" - weapon does not alert monsters.\\ "EXTREMEDEATH" - weapon always causes an extreme death.\\ Just like "Bits" on the 'Thing' block you can assign multiple flags to the weapon e.g:\\ 'DONTBOB + BLOODSPLATTER' Using 0 on the same line will erase everything that comes before it.
 +  - Fix for player collision when OS wallrunning is enabled.
 +  - The position of the Client Timer can be set now by using 'cl_timeleft_x' and 'cl_timeleft_y'. A value of 0 means the position will be done automatically.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.15 (2021-01-01) =====
 +  - If an invalid skin/sprite frame is detected it will provide a bit more detail. It is also a bit more forgiving as opposed to the previous fatal error.
 +  - ACS function (line special) 'Line_SetTextureOffset' added. Flags 'TEXFLAG_TOP', 'TEXFLAG_MIDDLE' and 'TEXFLAG_BOTTOM' affect the offset of the whole texture.
 +  - For long maplists: output of command 'maplist' from the client in online mode is splitted now. To continue call 'maplist' again.
 +  - Parameter '-noidle' is standard now and no longer supported. The priority when out of focus will no longer be changed. In rare case it caused self-closing clients or network timeouts while the client was out of focus. For old behaviour '-useidle' was added.
 +  - DeHackEd keywords 'TRANSLUC25', 'TRANSLUC50', 'TRANSLUC75' and 'DONTDRAW' work now as intended. 'TRANSLUCENT' is Boom default 66% now.
 +  - Fix for colour index 0 on the statusbar.
 +  - Overflow protection for using too many local map variables in ACS.
 +  - Preview of player/skins in 'Player Setup' and 'Team/Enemy Color' can be rotated now and firing animation is shown.     
 +  - Implemented 3 new ACS functions regarding ScriptedMarines and the usage of player skins on the referenced actors:
 +    * a. A function that allows for player skins to be set to ScriptedMarines. The syntax of the declaration is:\\ void ZD_SetMarineSkin(tid, name);\\ 'name' is the name declared in the S_SKIN lump.
 +    * b. A function that'll return the skin name for the requested skin number. The syntax of the declaration is:\\         str ZD_GetSkinName(number);\\ 'number' is the value you see when using client command: 'skins'.
 +    * c. A function that'll provide you with the top index of the installed skins. The syntax of the declaration is:\\ int ZD_GetSkinTopIndex();
 +  - Fixed a case whereas bullet puffs on certain Heretic weapons were doubled.
 +  - Fix for TeleportFog height in Heretic/Hexen when a player spawns.
 +  - Fix for colours in Netstats graph in Heretic/Hexen.
 +  - Fix for sky hack e.g. ksutra.wad map05.
 +  - Background image added for Heretic/Hexen automap (when "standard map colors" is on).
 +  - New setting 'Flat / border scale' in 'Display Options' and related CVar 'vid_flatscale' added.
 +  - The Home and End keys can now be used in the Menu.
 +  - Transmission tweaks for online mode.
 +  - Setting minplayers to 0 in online mode will now remove all active bots. (This won't work if the -nbots parameter is in-use)
 +  - Setting a latched CVAR will now correctly apply the latest change on map change / reset.
 +  - Cosmetic detail. If the gametype is adjusted, the face background colour for the player will now be correct. (When switching from a team to non-team based mode, and vice versa)
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.14 (2020-09-02) =====
 +  - When there is a connection problem for the client, message 'Waiting for server...' is shown earlier.
 +  - Fix for non-moving ghost projectiles for connecting clients related to Dehacked NOSPEEDCHECK.
 +  - Fixed a crash when Minotaur or Serpent are friendly.
 +  - Implementation of DeHackEd weapon property 'Weaponslot ZD', this property allows for each weapon to have a different slot assigned. Valid values are: 0 to 9.\\ This also requires the 'Weaponpriority ZD' property.\\ 'Weaponpriority ZD' must be placed before 'Weaponslot ZD'\\ SEE BELOW
 +  - Implementation of DeHackEd weapon property 'Weaponpriority ZD',  this property allows for each weapon to have its own priority within a weapon slot. E.g: The weapon with the highest priority on the selected weapon slot will be equipped first. Each weapon on the same slot MUST have its own unique priority number in order to not be overwritten. Valid values are: 0 to 7
 +  - Server-side mute functionality has been added. This will block both textual chat and voice communication. New commands:
 +    * ADDMUTE #id/$playername duration reason\\ The duration is specified in minutes.
 +    * KILLMUTE playername\\ No prefix is required.
 +    * MUTELIST
 +  - New ACS function to change the camera height for a specific actor based on a given thing ID. \\The syntax of the declaration is:\\ void ZD_SetActorCameraHeight(tid, height);\\ whereas height is a fixed point value.
 +  - Two new client-side CVARs have been added for the chatlog:
 +    * chatlog_showmsgtype - The message type will be displayed:\\ N - Normal\\ T - Team\\ P - Private\\ A - Admin
 +    * chatlog_timestamps - Timestamps will be displayed.
 +  - Fix for still standing players to avoid wrong client z after getting teleported with LS_Thing_Move.
 +  - Improvements for ACS LineAttack: puffs are shown online and pufftype can be specified now.
 +  - Netstats added to Display Options as "Network Statistics" and enlarged meanings:
 +    * 0: None
 +    * 1: Data
 +    * 2: Ping+Data
 +    * 3: Graph+Ping
 +    * 4: All
 +  - Demo playback speed added, so a demo can be played in a faster or slower speed. Related CVAR 'demo_speed' and commands 'demo_speedup', 'demo_speeddown', 'demo_speedreset'. To show the playback speed enable 'vid_fps'.
 +  - Spectator view in Duel keeps spectating the same player when it switches from warm-up to game.
 +  - Added a timer_format client cvar. This alters the display of the timeleft output on the HUD or scoreboard. Values:
 +    * 0 = Mins:Secs
 +    * 1 = Hours:Mins:Secs
 +  - Added a new boolean acs_always_preserve_globals CVAR. When this CVAR is set to 'true', values in ACS global variables and arrays will always be preserved; even on manual map changes (for example when a console command or a vote is used to change the map).\\ NOTE: To keep the behaviour of client-side scripts consistent with older 1.10 clients, in network games, all 1.10 clients will behave as if their acs_always_preserve_globals was set to 'false'; no matter the server setting or the actual CVAR value on the client.
 +  - Fix to avoid the ability to press "use" after death in online mode.
 +  - Adjustments have been made to the unlagged mechanism in order to improve general precision.
 +  - In Lobby mode there will be no announcements while entering the Lobby map (map00).
 +  - CTF flags on the HUD are scaled to screen height now.
 +  - CVar 'survival_timed_spec_reset' value 2 (6 min) has been added.\\ Health will be set to default by Survival Inventory Reset now.\\ Warning for Inventory Reset added. It will be shown 60 and 30 sec. before the reset happens.
 +  - Added the possibility to change blitmode in advanced video options. That can fix a problem with NVIDIA graphics and very low fps.\\ A warning must be confirmed to continue, because it can cause ZDaemon stop working (e.g. ATI graphics).\\ If a fatal error occurs which is related to blitmode, it will be reset to default.
 +  - 'vid_windowx' and 'vid_windowy' are no longer read-only.\\ The position of the window can be set with these CVARs.\\ Can be used to set the position of ZDaemon in windowed mode with a key bind or alias.\\ Placing the window left or top of the primary screen is possible now. Maximized window will be saved now.
 +  - An ancient Instagib bug that allowed you to kill your team mates in a team mode (deathmatch-type) has now been corrected. It'll now obey the limitations regarding team damage.\\ NOTE: Since the Instagib railgun is an instakill weapon, any teamdamage value above 0 will result in the death of the friendly target.
 +  - A "spectate" command has now been added with strict limitations.
 +  - Improvements have been made to the MapInfo CVAR Overrides to ensure that they're correctly reverted (and set) during a map change and/or map reset.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.13 (2020-05-25) =====
 +  - DeHackEd: implementation of LineEffect.
 +  - Fix for 'momentum preservation' introduced in point 12 release.
 +  - When sv_oldwepsound is active pickup sound will also be played for spectators and during demo playback.
 +  - MBF DeHackEd flag 'TOUCHY' added.
 +  - Fix for a crash when Monster Spawner and Monster Target have the same position.
 +  - Fixed a crash when ACS SetActorProperty Mass was set to 0, because is not a valid value. It will be set to 1 (lowest positive valid value).
 +  - Duel and 1-on-1: vote delay when spectators are around is shortened to 5 seconds now.
 +  - Spectating in uncapped mode looks smoother now.
 +  - Arch-viles were not self-harming. Fixed.
 +  - Fix for join limit message in Survival when a new map starts.
 +  - Fix for insuring overlapping HudMessages are properly cleared on the statusbar.
 +  - Correction for damage from RadiusAttack. It was off by 1.
 +  - No kickback when Scripted Marine attacks with chainsaw and forward momentum for chainsaw attack added.
 +  - Fix for using inventory during intermission or as spectator.
 +  - The oldschool blast damage while sv_oldblast is enabled is no longer affected by sv_oldwallrun.
 +  - Keywords/functions for ANIMDEFS added: 'range', 'oscillate' and 'random'. 'pic' accepts names (and not only numbers) now. Standalone 'off' is supported now.
 +  - Obsolete protection for no free spawnspot in the first 7 seconds in Coop/Survival removed.
 +  - Sound Sequence was cut or delay was running to fast in higher rates than capped framerate. Fixed.
 +  - Additional option 'Stretched' for 'Stretch status bar'.
 +  - Accounted for a case that would occur after a map change/reset that would result in a player occupying ID 0 being disconnected after another player joins.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.12 (2020-03-09) =====
 +  - Heretic powered-up hellstaff (HornRodFX2): fix for a potential client crash and DeathSound was missing.
 +  - Fix for HudMessages when Super-Sampled Anti-Aliasing (vid_ssaa) is active.
 +  - Implementation of DeHackEd thing properties: 'Xscale' and 'Yscale' both are ignored when the 'Scale' property is present. 
 +  - Fixed a server-side crash in ACS MorphActor and UnMorphActor when puke command was used.
 +  - Fix for ACS GiveInventory/GiveActorInventory in online mode: pack, box and hefty ammo were not sent to the client.
 +  - Added the following read-only CVARs on the client:\\ get_player_maxfrags, get_player_maxkills, get_player_maxdamage,\\ get_player_redflag, get_player_blueflag, get_player_greenflag, get_player_whiteflag.\\ They return the player id or displayplayer if there is no value. In combination with spy or spec_follow it's possible to bind a shortcut for spectating (e.g. bind x "spy $get_player_maxfrags").
 +  - Fix for mapinfo keywords 'noinfighting', 'normalinfighting', 'totalinfighting' and 'clipmidtextures'.
 +  - Mapinfo 'keepfullinventory' added.
 +  - Triggers for spectators added which change the camera.
 +    * spy_trig_secret:    false=disable, true=everyone
 +    * spy_trig_multikill: list 0-6
 +    * spy_trig_spree:     list 0-6
 +    * spy_trig_flag:      list 0-6
 +    * spy_trig_clear:     clears all spy_trig settings\\ List 0-6: 0=disable, 1=within teams only, 2=everyone, 3=red team only, 4=blue team only, 5=green team only, 6=white team only
 +  - Implementation of DeHackEd thing property: 'Pickup sound' This property allows for each item's pickup sound to be modified individually, it accepts sound mnemonic or DeHackEd number.
 +  - A fix for a bug JCD reported: when Action special:'ChangeCamera' was executed by a player and set to an actor during a team based game their client would crash upon opening the automap.
 +  - Fix for client command 'idmypos', coordinates were not displayed when changing view to actor cameras.
 +  - Mapinfo ignores episode and skill definitions now ('episode', 'clearepisodes', 'skill', 'clearskills').\\ Ignored map keywords: 'bordertexture', 'strictmonsteractivation', 'laxmonsteractivation', 'missileshootersactivateimpactlines', 'missilesactivateimpactlines', 'monsterfallingdamage', 'teamdamage', 'allowrespawn', 'teamplayoff', 'teamplayon', 'noinventorybar', 'infiniteflightpowerup', 'f1', 'checkswitchrange', 'nocheckswitchrange', 'translator', 'unfreezesingleplayerconversations'.
 +  - log_timestamps and con_timestamps clients cvars have been added, they will enable timestamps in both the log (when enabled) and console respectively.
 +  - Console command 'give all' now also gives you Artifacts and Puzzle items when the corresponding inventory graphics are present.
 +  - DeHackEd: "Ammo type ZD" has been added in order to get around a legacy zdoom 1.23 holdover with "Ammo type" value of 5 being hard-coded for infinite ammo. Infinite ammo in "Ammo type ZD" is now a value of -1 and below, while 0 and above are for the standard weapons. This ensures legacy behaviour is preserved when it comes to "Ammo type". The new "Ammo type ZD" ensures that all of the ammo types are accessible.
 +  - The 'idmypos' display will no longer overlap with the 'netstats' or other items.
 +  - Players and voodoo dolls did not trigger line specials when they spawned and their center was exactly on a line. Fixed.
 +  - Implementation of DeHackEd thing property: 'Camera height', This property allows for each actor to have it's own camera height, it accepts both whole and decimal numbers.
 +  - In Dehacked SNDINFO names can be used for 'Scratch', 'PlaySound', 'PlayWeaponSound', 'CPA_CustomMissile', 'CPW_CustomMissile', 'CPA_BulletAttack', 'CPW_BulletAttack', 'CPA_CustomBulletAttack' and 'CPW_CustomBulletAttack' by using keyword 'Sound name ZD'.
 +  - Added support for the following string properties to the GetActorProperty ACS function:
 +    * APROP_SeeSound
 +    * APROP_AttackSound
 +    * APROP_PainSound
 +    * APROP_DeathSound
 +    * APROP_ActiveSound\\ NOTE: The returned string values will only have a lifetime of 1 tick for now.
 +  - Added the following ZDoom ACS functions returning strings:
 +    * GetActorClass
 +    * GetActorFloorTexture
 +    * GetActorFloorTerrain
 +    * GetCVarString
 +    * StrLeft
 +    * StrMid
 +    * StrRight
 +    * GetWeapon\\ NOTE: The returned string values will only have a lifetime of 1 tick for now.
 +  - Added the GetArmorInfo ZDoom ACS function. Only the following info types are supported at the moment:
 +    * ARMORINFO_SAVEPERCENT\\ NOTE: The string value returned for ARMORINFO_CLASSNAME will only have a lifetime of 1 tick for now.
 +  - Extended the puke and pukename console commands to accept various input format specifiers (these correlate to the ACS Print function cast types). The full synopsis of the two commands is now as follows:<code>
 +    * puke  [[?:]val1] [[?:]val2] [[?:]val3]
 +    * pukename  [always] [[?:]val1] [[?:]val2] [[?:]val3] 
 +Where ? can be replaced by one of the following letters which will determine
 +how the value will be parsed (unless otherwise specified, the script will
 +receive the input value converted to an integer):
 +b: binary number
 +c: character
 +d: decimal number
 +f: real number (the script will receive a fixed-point number)
 +i: decimal number
 +l: key from the LANGUAGE lump (the script will receive the looked up string)
 +n: PRINTNAME_* constant (the script will receive the respective fetched string)
 +s: string (the script will receive the string as is)
 +x: hexadecimal number
 +If no format specifier is present in front of a value, the commands will behave as
 +they did until now, and the value will be parsed as a decimal number and the
 +script will receive it as an integer.
 +CVAR substitution is supported when using format specifier; 
 +i.e. the following will work:
 +pukename script_name s:$cvar_name
 +For the purpose of quoting, the whole argument, including the format specifier,
 +needs to be inside the quotes given that format specifiers are an addition specific
 +to the puke commands and that standard commandline parsing happens before the format specifier parsing;
 +i.e. the following WILL work:
 +pukename script_name "s:String with spaces."
 +The following WILL NOT work:
 +pukename script_name s:"String with spaces."
 +NOTE: The strings received by the scripts will only have a lifetime of 1 tick for now.
 +  - Added missing Hexen skill names to the PCD_PRINTNAME ACS opcode (the n:PRINTNAME_SKILL argument of the ACS Print function).
 +  - DeHackEd: Powered weapon frames that are triggered by the "Tome of Power" can now be altered, added and modified through Dehacked for every weapon by adding the following entries within a weapon block; 'Powered select frame ZD', 'Powered deselect frame ZD', 'Powered bobbing frame ZD', 'Powered shooting frame ZD' and 'Powered firing frame ZD'.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.11 (2020-01-01) =====
 +  - Random Pitch Variations also work in Doom now if enabled. Announcer and taunts will never be pitched.
 +  - Fix for playback client recorded demos: own player did not show Player Bobbing.
 +  - Fix for Chicken speed: it was a bit too fast.
 +  - Implementation of "dontchasetarget" for line special Thing_SetGoal.\\ Thing added: PatrolSpecial (9047).  
 +  - Added a switch to enable or disable vsync: vid_vsync.\\ This is also accessible via Video Mode -> Adv. Options
 +  - Workaround implemented for when VSync is disabled on the graphics driver side, specifically during the connecting state.
 +  - Fix for spawning with wrong angle, when the player got killed in teleport freeze time.
 +  - Fix for damaging sectors in online games. Sometimes damaging was missing or triggered multiple.
 +  - Changes to sector specials:\\
 +    * hDamage_Sludge (85) added
 +    * sDamage_Hellslime (105) fixed
 +    * sDamage_SuperHellslime (116) fixed
 +  - Implementation of dehacked SavePercent. Percentage of damage that the armor absorbs set in Miscellaneous. Armors:\\
 +    * Green Armor SavePercent
 +    * Blue Armor SavePercent
 +    * Silver Armor SavePercent
 +    * Enchanted Armor SavePercent
 +  - Fixed: never decrease health/armor by picking up HealthBonus, Soulsphere or ArmorBonus.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.10 (2019-12-13) =====
 +  - Fixed: Turning player into spectator resets keys.
 +  - Fix for Respawn where we died (sv_samespawnspot): If the player stucks teleport back to start.
 +  - Respawning of ArtiInvulnerability and ArtiInvisibility depends on the dmflag DF_RESPAWN_SUPER (sv_respawnsuper) now.
 +  - ACS Line_SetBlocking: BLOCKF_HITSCAN and BLOCKF_SOUND added.
 +  - New ACS functions to change the behavior of Artifacts.\\ The syntax of the declaration is:
 +    * void Arti_Execute(str artifact, int script, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3)
 +    * void Arti_ExecuteAlways(str artifact, int script, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3)
 +    * void Arti_NamedExecute(str artifact, int script, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3)
 +    * void Arti_NamedExecuteAlways(str artifact, int script, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3)\\ When the artifact is used "script" will be executed instead of the hard coded action. Arguments for the functions are optional.
 +  - Fix for demo playback: voice chat packets will not played during skipping.
 +  - Sound option "Mute when out of focus" changed from yes/no to a slider. CVAR snd_muteoutoffocus changed from Bool to Float.
 +  - Monsters which wake up, do melee attack or fire immediately did not show firing animation in online mode. Fixed.
 +  - Implementation of BetaSkull and BetaSkullAttack (dehacked).\\ Sprites SKUB for BetaSkull (instead of SKUL), so both Lost Soul monsters can be used.
 +  - It could happen that connecting clients timed out on the server. Fixed (server-side).
 +  - Fix for GetPlayerInput INPUT_OLDBUTTONS and MODINPUT_OLDBUTTONS.\\ Value is the previous tic now.
 +  - "auto_altwads" updated to Freedoom 0.12.1.
 +  - Fix for Infinite Ammo: it's possible to shoot even if there is not enough ammo for the weapon.
 +  - Bot could stick when sv_olddropoff was active. Fixed.
 +  - If map00 exists and no maplist is defined the game will start with map00. Designed for Deathmatch servers with scripted lobby map00.
 +  - Fix for HudMessages which overlap the statusbar.
 +  - Bloodsplats (blood on the wall from damaging monsters/players) work online now. Old behavior can be set via cl_bloodsplats 0.
 +  - Fix for render style Stencil for resolution 1366x768.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.09 (2019-07-19) =====
 +  - MBF dehacked added:
 +    * Scratch (Unknown 1: damage, Unknown 2: sound effect)
 +    * Turn (Unknown 1: angle rotation in degrees)
 +    * Face (Unknown 1: angle position in degrees)
 +  - Fix for MBF dehacked Mushroom.
 +  - Implementation of MBF Helper Dog.
 +  - Fix for client-side falling down Things in online games.
 +  - Connecting clients get the monster's state from the server now.
 +  - Line_SetIdentification "clipmidtex" and mapinfo "clipmidtextures" added.
 +  - Implementation of command "listmaps". It shows all available maps of the loaded wad(s).
 +  - Implementation of the variable "log_scores". When enabled, it will print the intermission information to the zserv console, and if enabled, the general log as well.
 +===== ZDaemon 1.10.08 (2019-05-29) =====
 +  - ACS Print: cast type l (localized string from LANGUAGE) added.
 +  - Fix for 1.10.07: Never crush BossBrain to pools of blood.
 +  - Implementation of line special Teleport_NoStop.
 +  - "auto_altwads" updated to Freedoom 0.11.3.\\ Plutonia and TNT are also included now.
 +  - Sound of Scripted Marine Pistol/Chaingun/Shotgun/SSG was played twice in online mode. Fixed.
 +  - Hexen artifact Mystic ambit incant (ArtiHealingRadius) added.\\ In non-Hexen mode: Heals the player and each affected player by 50-99 points.\\ In team games only team mates could be healed.
 +  - Hexen artifact Dragonskin bracers (ArtiBoostArmor) added.\\ In non-Hexen mode: Gives 50 Armor up to Armor limit.
 +  - Random maplist and Lobby is possible now.\\ So it enlarges the usage of Lobby with an Exit.
 +  - New server CVAR sv_reshuffle: Reshuffles a random maplist after a certain amount of played maps. 0 never reshuffles.
 +  - Implementation of ACS function GetPlayerInput. Limitations for buttons: only BT_ATTACK, BT_USE and BT_JUMP are supported so far.
 +  - Implementation of ACS functions MorphActor and UnMorphActor.\\ For MorphActor:
 +    * playerclass: ChickenPlayer, PigPlayer
 +    * monsterclass: Chicken, Pig
 +    * Parameters style, morphflash and unmorphflash will be ignored.
 +  - Hexen monsters fixed in online mode:
 +    * Reiver buried (WraithBuried)
 +    * Stalker (Serpent)
 +    * Stalker Boss (SerpentLeader)
 +    * Dark Bishop (Bishop)
 +    * Menelkir (MageBoss)
 +    * Zedek (FighterBoss)
 +    * Traductus (ClericBoss)
 +    * Heresiarch
 +    * Korax
 +  - Fix for ClearInventory and TakeInventory that caused "Bad packet".
 +  - For using Heretic/Hexen sprites in Doom renaming added:
 +    * Heretic: HEAD -> LICH
 +    * Hexen:\\ ARM1 -> AR_1   ARM2 -> AR_2   ARM3 -> AR_3   ARM4 -> AR_4\\ BARL -> ZBAR   CAND -> BCAN   EGGM -> PRKM   ROCK -> ROKK\\ SUIT -> ZSUI   TRE1 -> ZTRE   TRE2 -> TRES   WATR -> HWAT\\ MNTRF -> MNTRU   MNTRG -> MNTRV   MNTRH -> MNTRW\\ MNTRI -> MNTRX   MNTRJ -> MNTRY   MNTRK -> MNTRZ</code>
 +  - Hexen weapons Firestorm, Wraithverge and Frost Shards fixed in online mode.
 +  - Hexen artifacts "Dark Servant" (Friendly Minotaur) and "Disc of Repulsion" implemented.
 +  - Hexen puzzle items implemented.
 +  - Player colorization in Hexen implemented.
 +  - Fixes for Hexen destructible objects.
 +  - Heretic/Hexen: Height of time bomb explosion in online mode corrected.
 +  - Fix: Disabling of vid_fps redraws the HUD.
 +  - ZLauncher can now become the system-wide handler of the [[zds://]] protocol.
 ===== ZDaemon 1.10.07 (2019-02-09) ===== ===== ZDaemon 1.10.07 (2019-02-09) =====
Line 1972: Line 2311:
   - Extended the information sent by the server to the launcher to display the exact build version and date.   - Extended the information sent by the server to the launcher to display the exact build version and date.
-===== Point 01 release (Oct. 21, 2003) =====+===== ZDaemon 1.05.01 release (Oct. 21, 2003) =====
   - Fixed an audio problem where sounds would not play in the client when it was in the background; this bug was introduced in 1.05 by the usage of a newer version of fmod.   - Fixed an audio problem where sounds would not play in the client when it was in the background; this bug was introduced in 1.05 by the usage of a newer version of fmod.
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