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Custom Monsters in ZDaemon

Many custom monsters have been created within the Doom scene, and there are certainly multiple ways how to get custom monsters in ZDaemon. This page will only describe how to get randomised TNS monsters in existing maps with the help of rhinolib.


Download the following WADs and load them after the WADs which contain maps you want to play.

ducks-patchinfo (the latest version without any suffix)
rhinolib (the latest dev version)


If you are starting a server, add these to the server's config file, or set them using RCON; if you are playing single player, enter these in the console. In case of the latter method, changes will not take effect until you restart/switch a map.

For completely randomised monsters (are you loco?), do

set rds_randmode 1

For class-based randomisation (less insane), do

set rds_randmode 2

To turn randomisation off, do

set rds_randmode 0


ZDaemon modder's world is an imperfect world, here are a few things to look out for with this particular setup.

DEHACKED conflicts

If the WAD you want to play contains a DEHSUPP lump, you are out of luck. If it contains a DEHACKED lump and modifies monster or thing frames, it may lead to very strange behaviour. Nevertheless, vast majority of dehacked in WADs only changes map names and so it does not conflict with TNS dehacked in any way; just be aware of the possibility, and try with a different WAD if you see strange things.

Custom Palette

If the WAD you want to play contains a custom PALETTE lump, everything will work fine, but the colours of the TNS monsters may be off.

Script Conflicts

If the WAD you want to play contains ACS scripts, either as libraries between the A_START and A_END labels, or as per-map BEHAVIOR lumps, there's a slight possibility that those will conflict with scripts in rhinolib, and that things will be broken.

Other Mods

There is no guarantee or even telling (without exerting effort) how rhinolib and TNS monsters will interact with other mods you might also like to load. If you want to try, it is recommended you first get randomisation working and only then you try adding the other mod's WADs. But, as stated before, this will most likely lead to a clusterduck.


This is a tested working example to get you started. After doing this, you should have a single player game with class-based monster randomisation with TNS monsters mixed in.


Start ZDaemon in single player with these wads.

IWAD: doom2.wad
PWADS: tns-dehacked-20180123.wad ducks-patchinfo-20140908.wad rhinolib-dev20160616.wad


Open console (press the ~ key) and enter the following line after line (press enter after each line).

set rds_randmode 2
map map01

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