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tnswutil is a command-line utility for analyzing Doom WAD files. It is used to catch various coop issues and other peculiarities before the WADs are played in TNS, or hosted on the Ducks servers. It also proved itself helpful in catching mistakes in WADs which are still in development.

Its current status is “a personal tool made public”, so it isn't exactly polished or user-friendly or comprehensive; it should not crash though, and at least some of the nuances are documented.


To display help, download one of the archives linked in the the Download section, unpack it, and run

tnswutil -h

NOTE: tnswutil is still very much in its infancy, so the syntax, command names, and output formatting might change a lot between releases.


tnswutil currently has no home apart from this page, but you can catch me (rhinoduck) in #ducks on ZDaemon IRC, or PM me in the Doomworld forums, or email me at rhinoduckdoom (at) gmail (dot) com.



Requires Windows XP or newer, and the 32-bit version of Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (regardless of whether your OS is 32-bit or 64-bit).


tnswutil may run just fine in other distributions than those mentioned in the archive name. It is written in standard C++, and compiled in GCC, so it only links to libraries that should be available on every system.


Other Platforms

Until the source code is available, you may have luck running the Windows version under Wine.

Source Code

Source code will be released once heritage of this starting as a quick private project (choice of certain names, certain “architectural” choices) is eliminated.

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