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TNS Documentation

NOTE: The content in this page comes from the original TNS Google document put together by ErisFalling, Choft, and Keyboard_Doomer.

For documentation of the randomisation modes check this link.

PID = Player ID
TID = Thing ID
SID = Spawn ID

Console commands

rcon password “password” - To set a password for server, if you want to unpassword the server use rcon password “”
rcon sv_fastmonsters 0/1 - For fast monsters
rcon sv_powerful_monsters 0/1 - 2x damage
rcon sv_monsterrespawn 0/1 - respawn monsters
rcon maxlives [num] - set number of max lives
rcon echo $rcon_cmds_1 - to see all rcon commands available to you
rcon set rds_randdoom1monsters 1 - to prevent Doom 2 monsters from spawning
rcon sv_vote_map 0/1 - 1 enables map voting
rcon set sv_vote_reset 0/1 - 1 enables reset voting
rcon set sv_vote_kick 0/1 - 1 enables kick voting
rcon kick <player#> <reason> - to kick player
rcon addtempban <player# OR $playername> <reason> - Ban player for 15 minutes
rcon addban <player's IP address> <reason> - Permanent ban. Or 30 seconds for Otto.
players - for list of players, useful for commands/scripts requiring player numbers. You can also use playerinfo to get player numbers
rcon players - to also get IP addresses of the players
rcon banlist - Will show banned list of people who are banned. First it will show server only ban, then people who are masterbanned on all servers (global banlist), then a server global banlist (e.g banned on all duck servers, or multiserver, or SDA servers etc.).
rcon addmap <MAPxx> - use this to add map into maplist
rcon clearmaplist - use this to clear all the maps in the maplist
rcon delmapbyname <MAPxx> - use this to delete the map number in maplist
rcon killban <ip-address> - will unban the person with that ip address
rcon map <MAPxx> - to change maps in Doom 2
rcon map <ExMy> - to change maps in Doom 1
rcon mapskipby 0 - reset the map
rcon mapskipby 1 - skip to next map (players lose all their guns and inventory)
rcon say “insert comment here” - speak in console (no need to use the quotes, they're optional)
rcon sv_joinlimit 0/othernumber - Sets join limit. 0 is disable, other numbers are in minutes e.g. sv_joinlimit 3 is 3 minutes
rcon sv_nojump 0/1 - 0 enables jump.
rcon sv_gravity <value> - 800 is default gravity level
rcon item_respawn_time 0/othernumber - Sets respawn time for items. 0 is default which is 30 seconds, other numbers are seconds, e.g. item_respawn_time 60 is 60 seconds respawn time. It's usually 60 seconds for 1st rota, 30 seconds or other value is sometimes set up for 2nd or subsequent rotas if there is a need for that.
spec_togglenoclip - noclip in spectator mode
idmypos 0/1 - To display xyz coordinates (1 = On, 0 = Off)
rcon add_cvaroverride map30 sv_nofreelook 1 - automatically disables mouselook in map30 from the start of the map

TNS Modes

second rota (pain mode):
rcon pain_on

third rota (total randomisation):
1. rcon pain_off
2. rcon tr_set
3. rcon tr_on
rcon tr_off

random damage mode:
1. rcon rd_set
2. rcon rd_on
rcon rd_off

If for whatever reason the above aliases aren't available or working correctly they're the equivalent to:
1. rcon set chdmg_mode 3
2. rcon set chdmg_enabled 1
3. rcon set chdmg_maxDmgFactor 200
4. rcon set chdmg_randomheal -1 (HEALING usually excluded)
rcon set chdmg_enabled 0

Use rcon puke 411 to display CHDMGLIB settings.

By default the time it takes to change dmg is a random interval between 15-30 seconds.
If you want to change the intervals do:
1. rcon set chdmg_interval <sec> number will be in seconds for minimum
2. rcon set chdmg_interval2 <sec> number will be in seconds for maximum

Numbers will vary in between these two times.

reality mode:
1. rcon set chdmg_enabled 1
2. rcon set chdmg_mode 4

standard randomisation:
rcon set rds_randmode 2
rcon set rds_randmode 0

1. rcon set weapn_enabled 1
2. rcon set weapn_preset 1
rcon set weapn_enabled 0

rocket launcher only:
1. rcon set weapn_enabled 1
2. rcon set weapn_preset 2
rcon set weapn_enabled 0

random weapons:
1. rcon set weapn_enabled 1
2. rcon set weapn_preset 0
3. rcon set weapn_mode 3
rcon set weapn_enabled 0

Additionally, these seemed to have worked better than the default settings last time:

rcon set weapn_interval1 20; rcon set weapn_fistComesWithBerserk 1; rcon set weapn_weaponKeep1 -1; rcon set weapn_weaponKeep3 -1; rcon set weapn_weaponExclude1 -1; rcon set weapn_weaponExclude3 -1

Use rcon puke 261 to display WEAPNLIB settings.

popcorn rota (pcorn):
rcon set pcorn_enabled 1
rcon set pcorn_enabled 0

timed mode (It isn't working properly at the time so don't use it for real TNS yet.):
1. rcon set timod_initialized 1
2. rcon set timod_enabled 1
3. rcon set timod_running 1
4. rcon set timod_timestart 30
5. rcon set timod_timeleft 30

Not sure how many of those are actually needed, or even correctly used. - Eris

Kill 'em all settings:
1. rcon set rds_killemall 1
2. rcon set sv_noexit 1
1. rcon set rds_killemall 0
2. rcon set sv_noexit 0

Note: rcon set sv_acs_world_exit 1 is set up by default in the server config nowadays and there's no need to use this command anymore. It shouldn't be set to zero either because that would cause the script 700 used to exit the map to not work.

railgun mode (instagib):
rcon sv_instagib 0/1

Fundamental SALTYLIB cvars
SALTYLIB gives items out when players join the game. Puking script 292 can be used in conjunction with saltylib settings to give items to players already in game.
rcon set salty_enabled 0/1 - 1 enables saltylib, useful for extremely difficult maps. 0 = off. Obviously this needs to be enabled before you can do anything else
rcon set salty_giveallweaponsbutbfg 0/1 - Self-explanatory. Takes effect when player next joins game unless script 292 is used.
rcon set salty_giveitem#type SID - Gives selected item to every player on spawn. Megasphere is 132, invulnerability 133, radsuit 136. Replace # with a number between 1 and 8. You can check with rcon puke 291 3 if some items are already set up.
e.g. rcon set salty_giveitem1type 132 will give mega to everyone

RCON puke number

rcon puke 291 [arg1] - Displays SALTYLIB settings, based on the value given for arg1 (1-3). If no arg1 is specified, a menu will be displayed showing the function of each value for arg1.
rcon puke 292 - Forces saltylib settings, so players are given items if they are already playing.
rcon puke 411 - Displays CHDMGLIB settings.
rcon puke 423 -1 #### - to make TNS sounds (list of TNS sounds)

rcon puke 442 1 - Freezes all monsters (they are also invulnerable in this state).
Note: script 442 doesn't have any effect on monsters spawned by puking a script (e.g. 701, 703 or 869)
rcon puke 442 1 1 - Freezes all monsters and turns them black.
rcon puke 442 1 1 then rcon puke 442 0 0 - turns monsters black (rcon puke 442 1 1; rcon puke 442 0 0 in one line will not work)
rcon puke 442 0 1 - revert everything - unfreeze the monsters and get rid of the black colour

rcon puke 452 -1 <musicnum> - To change music (list of TNS music tracks)
rcon puke 501 x y z - source of teleport
rcon puke 502 x y z - destination of teleport
rcon puke 503 - pukes the green teleport smoke

rcon puke 666 <variant> <messagenumber> - Since Romero couldn't make it to #100 or #200, the part will now be played via the exceptional acting talents of the TNS admins.
Variant: 1 = theromero; 2 = oremoreht

Message numbers:
-2 = theromero/oremoreht disconnected. (shown as actual disconnect message)
-1 = theromero/oremoreht has connected (shown as actual connect message)
0 = no
1 = yes
2 = hi
3 = bye
4 = how are you all doing?
5 = good
6 = that's classified
7 = happy tns #200!
8 = i blame evolution
9 = did you know that the tns admins are a bunch of lying deceiving bastards?
10 = he is a fake
11 = no, he is a fake

rcon puke 700 - exits the map (Players keep all their guns and inventory for the start of the next map)
rcon puke 701 PID SID - spawns the thing you selected in front of the selected player. (Check the SID list for what you want to spawn)
rcon puke 703 x000 y000 SID - this spawns the thing you set to a selected coordinates. x000 means the x coordinate plus 3 zeroes after it, y000 is y coord plus 3 zeroes.

rcon puke 720 PID [distance] - teleports a player a certain distance in the way they're facing. Default distance without supplying any is 96.
rcon puke 721 PID(playerdestteleport) PID(playerbeingteleport) - teleports one player to another (seems to be the same script as 853)
rcon puke 723 x000 y000 PID - teleports player to specified coord (use 852 instead if available)
rcon puke 724 sectortag PID - teleports a player to a certain sector in case it has a teleport destination
rcon puke 725 TID [distance] [direction] - Teleports a monster by a specified distance in specified direction. If distance and direction not specified, it will move in the direction it is facing. A negative distance will move it in the opposite direction.
Direction, relative to thing being teleported: 0 = Forward, 1 = Right
rcon puke 728 x000 y000 TID - Teleports object with TID to co-ordinates.
rcon puke 730 PID - teleports selected player to start of map

rcon puke 731 PID 0/1 - Makes selected player invincible. 1 is invincible, 0 turns it off. Displays message “Admin mode (de)activated for <player>“
rcon puke 732 PID 0/1 - Makes selected player fly. 1 makes them fly, 0 turns it off. Displays message ”<player> is no longer tied to the ground / <player> feels the pull of gravity again.”
rcon puke 732 -1 0/1 - to make everyone fly. Displays message when activated “Free wings for everyone!” when deactivated: “Yours wings have been cut.”
rcon puke 757 PID - The player will see a monster's TID displayed next to it. When combined with 728, this can be used to teleport monsters from one point in the map to the other

rcon puke 770 pnum 0/1 - Marks a potential highlight or a definite highlight. Message will appear in chat log. pnum makes the message display who is marking the highlight, so try to make sure you use yours! It's most useful to use aliases and binds on this:
alias dtemp_markHighlight0 “set tmp \”rcon puke 770 \“; eval + $tmp $get_consoleplayer tmp; eval + $tmp \” 0\“ tmp; test 1 $tmp”
alias dtemp_markHighlight1 “set tmp \”rcon puke 770 \“; eval + $tmp $get_consoleplayer tmp; eval + $tmp \” 1\“ tmp; test 1 $tmp”
If you use this, please use 1 for definite highlights, and 0 for possible ones. - Eris

rcon puke 771 PID SID - Gives player a selected thing
rcon puke 772 PID SID - Takes a selected thing from a player
rcon puke 773 SID - Gives a selected thing to all players
rcon puke 774 SID - Takes a selected thing from all players
rcon puke 775 PID - Gives player fist and pistol, a way to compensate after using 776
rcon puke 776 PID - Takes all items from player
rcon puke 777 PID factor arg3 - Gives specific player ammo. Factor is the percentage of the maximum capacity of ammo type.
rcon puke 778 factor ammotype arg3 - Gives all players ammo. Factor is the percentage of the maximum capacity of ammo type, e.g. factor=10 will give 40 bullets, 10 shells, etc.
Ammo type: 0 = All; 1 = Bullets; 2 = Shells; 3 = Rockets; 4 = Cells

rcon puke 781 PID 1 then rcon puke 781 PID - Player's health starts to drain slowly by 1% at a time (Not correctly functioning). Use rcon puke 781 PID 1 again to make it stop. This script cannot kill the player, though. The decreasing health stops at 1%. If player's health rises above 1% after that it will start decreasing again.
rcon puke 782 PID 1 - to activate facebarrel on selected player
rcon puke 783 - Activates SUDDEN DEATH. [what does this do?]
rcon puke 784 PID 1 - to activate barrel trail on selected player (“feeling explosive”)
rcon puke 786 PID 128 - Spawns a projectile directly in front of a player, the projectile hurts the player. 128 is a BFG shot. 127 is rocket, 129 is plasma. If player is in spectate the projectile goes to coords (0,0)
rcon puke 850 - Turns everything a psychedelic purple/pink colour for 3 seconds. Tagged sectors are not affected, so this can be used to identify those.
rcon puke 851 sectortag z 0/1 - Moves floor or ceiling of sector with specified tag to the specified z-coordinate. If third argument is 0 or not given, it will move floor. If third argument is 1, it will move ceiling. Obviously doesn't work on sector tag 0.
rcon puke 852 x y PID - teleports player to specified coord (use 723 if not available)
rcon puke 853 PID(playerdestteleport) PID(playerbeingteleport) - See 721.

rcon puke 868 SID [direction] [deaf on/off] - This sets the type you want to spawn, check SID list for what you want to spawn (direction: 0-256, 0 east 64 north 128 west 192 south)
rcon puke 869 x y z - This is where you want to spawn the selected type

rcon puke 870 x y radius - Does an airstrike (rain of rockets) on selected coordinates. Fires in a circular cone of a specified radius. Number of rockets in strike is radius/8

rcon puke 881 PID - Takes all items, prints message “<player> was robbed!”
rcon puke 882 PID - Spawns an arch-vile in front of player. (identical to 701 PID 111)
rcon puke 883 PID type - If a player is dead, this will spawn a gravestone on their corpse. Type is used to specify what the decoration of the grave marker will be.
0/Not specified : Small candle
1: Candelabra
2: Short Blue Torch
3: Short Green Torch
4: Short Red Pillar
5: Short Green Pillar
6: Evil illuminati eye
7: Skulls and candles
Any other value will use the short green pillar.

Trudy (TNS bot)

rcon puke 728 x000 y000 4500 - teleports Trudy to a specified coord (4500 is Trudy's TID)
rcon puke 872 x y angle - Spawns TNS-Bot (Trudy), angle decides which way it's facing
rcon puke 877 - toggle TNS-Bot (Trudy) AI on/off.
rcon puke 878 w(SID) gravity speed - Select weapon (w is SID). If gravity is 1, projectile will fall to floor, if not it will behave as normal. Speed is more complicated, see bold text below.
rcon puke 879 translation - Changes Trudy's colours. 0 = Random selection, 11 = All black

Weapons 0-4 can't be modified but the rest can. The value for speed actually determines both the reload time and the speed of the projectile. The calculations for reload time and speed of projectile is like this:

Reload time = your inputted value / 1000
Projectile speed = your inputted value % 1000 (basically it's the remainder of your inputted value / 1000)
If the remainder is 0, the projectile speed is set to 64 (I think that's how it programmed in slade3, someone confirm, duck? =D)

1/1000 = 0.001
1%1000 = 0 remainder 1 so will be set to 64

2/1000 = 0.002
2%1000 = 2

20/1000 = 0.02
20%1000 = 20

100/1000 = 0.1
100%1000 = 100

1000/1000 = 1
1000%1000 = 0 so will be set to 64

2000/1000 = 2
2000%1000 = 0 so will be set to 64

0/1000 = 0
0 % 1000 = 0 so will be set to 64

9999/1000 = 9.999
9999 % 1000 = 999

If you want to increase the reload time without changing the speed of the projectile, go up in the number of 1000, e.g. 1000, 2000, 3000, DON'T choose 2999 as that will give you a remainder of 999 and hence a real fast projectile.

Also, don't choose a real big number like 10000000000 because it makes Trudy's reload time stupidly long and you can't change weapon or anything before she fires again unless you change map.

Turn Right
alias +tnsb_right “rcon puke 873 0 1”
alias -tnsb_right “rcon puke 873 0 0”

Turn Left
alias +tnsb_left “rcon puke 873 1 1”
alias -tnsb_left “rcon puke 873 1 0”

Move forward
alias +tnsb_forward “rcon puke 874 2 1”
alias -tnsb_forward “rcon puke 874 2 0”

Move backward
alias +tnsb_back “rcon puke 875 3 1”
alias -tnsb_back “rcon puke 875 3 0”

alias +tnsb_jump “rcon puke 875 4 1”
alias -tnsb_jump “rcon puke 875 4 0”

alias +tnsb_fire “rcon puke 874 5 1”
alias -tnsb_fire “rcon puke 874 5 0”

Strafe right
alias +tnsb_sright “rcon puke 876 6 1”
alias -tnsb_sright “rcon puke 876 6 0”

Strafe left
alias +tnsb_sleft “rcon puke 876 7 1”
alias -tnsb_sleft “rcon puke 876 7 0”

Warp forward
alias +tnsb_warp “rcon puke 875 8 1”
alias -tnsb_warp “rcon puke 875 8 0”

Trudy can get revived by arch-vile, but if there is more than one Trudy, you can only control the most recently spawned one.

Sound and music list

rcon puke 423 -1 #### - to make TNS sounds

List of TNS sounds

rcon puke 452 -1 <musicnum> - to set the currently playing music to this

List of TNS music tracks

Spawn ID list

Trudy also uses this e.g. when using rcon puke 878 - her spawn ID uses the ones on this list but she has some extra ones as well, the ones exclusive to Trudy are in bold.

0 rocket shots
1 shotgun dude (plasma shots)
2 chaingun dude (lots of imp fireballs)
3 baron of hell (BFG shots)
4 zombieman (1hp bonus)
5 imp (backpack)
6 arachnotron
7 spider mastermind
8 demon
9 spectre
10 imp fireballs but less than #2
11 clip (same)
12 shells (same)
19 cacodemon
20 revenant (same)
21 gross hack
22 1 armour bonus (same)
23 stimpack (same)
24 medkit (same)
25 soulsphere (same)
27 shotgun (same)
28 chaingun (same)
29 rocket launcher (same)
30 plasma gun (same)
31 bfg (same)
32 chainsaw (same)
33 ssg (same)
41 rocket ammo (1 rocket)
51 plasma shots (seems the same as #1)
53 lots of rev missiles
68 armour (same)
69 mega armour (same)
75 energy cell (same)
85 blue keycard (same)
86 red keycard (same)
87 yellow keycard (same)
88 yellow skull key (same)
89 red skull key (same)
90 blue skull key (same)
98 arch-vile fire (same)
100 Badass Cyberdemon - Huge grey cyberdemon, 20000 health. Summons pain souls and fires BFG
101 Destructor - Flying black cyberdemon, 3000 health. The most dangerous enemy in TNS.
102 invisible zombieman (same)
103 invisible shotgun dude (same)
110 lost soul (same)
111 Arch-vile (same)
112 mancubus
113 hell knight
114 Cyberdemon
115 Pain elemental
116 Wolfenstein 3D SS Nazi (same)
117 invisible arachnotron
118 Mauler demon - Blood red demon with 170 health. Attacks by lunging at the player with immense speed.
119 invisible cacodemon
120 invisbile chaingunner
121 Suicide Bomber - Black-armoured zombie that runs at player. 80 health. Explodes on impact or death (same)
122 invisible imp (same)
123 aracnorb
124 invisible revenants
125 barrel (same)
126 lots of cacodemon projectiles
127 lots of rocket projectiles (much more than #0)
128 lots of BFG shots (much more than #3)
129 lots of arachnotron shots
130 that red blood when you hurt monsters
131 bullet puff
132 megasphere (same)
133 invulsphere (same)
134 berserk pack (same)
135 invisible sphere (same)
136 rad suit (same)
137 automap (same)
138 light amplification goggles (same)
139 ammo box (50) (same)
140 rocket (1) (same, seems to be the same as #41)
141 box of rockets (5) (same)
142 cellpack (100) (same)
143 shells (20) (same)
144 backpack (same)
145 gibbed corpse (same)
146 crushed corpse (same)
147 another crushed corpse (same)
148 small pool of blood (same)
149 Lord Of Heresy - Yellow baron with decorative wings. 1250 health, throws three baron fireballs in one go.
150 Hell Warrior - Lion-like demon with a shield to block damage. 800 health. ffs don't use rockets/plasma
151 gray marine (fist) (same)
152 1 health bonus (same)
153 mancubus shots
154 baron/hell knight shots
164 railgun (same)
171 Snake Imp - Green imp/snake hybrid. 100 health. Fires powerful dark green projectile (same)
172 Soul Harvester - Grey imp, 100 health. Shoots yellow homing projectile (same)
173 Plasma gunner - Chaingunner in green armour, armed with plasma rifle. 110 health
174 Cacolich - Pale yellow cacodemon, 600 health. Fires either fast green projectile or lag-simulating tornado.
175 Afrit - Flying red baron, 1000 health. Fires a spread of 3 Mancubus fireballs
185 Pain Soul - Green lost soul usually spawned by BC. 100 health, can fire rapid bursts of plasma. (same)
186 Nurse imp - Imp dressed as nurse. 60 health. Can heal player via projectile or melee. We like impse. (same)
240 red armour (300 armour, absorbs 50% of damage taken, same as blue armour) (same)
241 Silver/Pink armour (100 armour, absorbs 75% of damage taken. Can't be picked up if armour already over 100) (same)
242 dynamite (Inventory item, can be placed. Shoot it to blow it up.) (same)
243 Impinator - item that can be used to turn monsters (except those with DONTMORPH flag: cyberdemon, mastermind, destructor) into imp heads
256 fist (tornado, looks like Heretic tornado)
257 pistol (imp face = the one salty turns people into imp heads =D)
258 medic imp love projectiles
259 green fire
260 imp face (this one just spawns imp heads =D)

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