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TNS - WADs to consider

NOTE: At least for the time being the up-to-date wad suggestions for TNS can be found here. Therefore, for now consider the info on this page outdated.

Name Link(s) Release Notes
5room.wad (Five Rooms of Doom) 2015 32 maps, most of them short and cramped, has many bugs, we should ideally make a fix before having it on TNS. Map16 needs cvaroverride “sv_olddropoff 0”.
Back to Basics 2007 E2 replacement for DOOM.WAD
Baculus DW thread WIP
Based DW thread 2016 10 maps, most of them with 200+ monsters. map10 has 603 monsters. No idea how coop/TNS friendly is it.
Bedlam 2014 E3 replacement for DOOM.WAD
Biowar 1999
bobd.wad download 2006 29 maps; just in case we will want to have another a bit crazy session; there are some stealth monsters (stealth demons at least); rocket launcher has infinite ammo; a few maps are just remakes of Doom 2 maps
Calegacy 2016 42 maps. Only played around 10 maps so far but there seem to be quite a few maps with crampedness absolutely incompatible with TNS. Map35 doesn't work in ZDaemon.
Combat Shock 2 download 2012 Slaughter WAD with only 5 maps, has at least one lockout area
D2KITANA.WAD DW thread 2014 32 maps, mediocre maps and mediocre gameplay, some maps are confusing, some have narrow hallways and some would need more radsuits. Also some platforming on small platforms in a few maps. In summary, I wouldn't entirely scratch it out but it's not exactly the ideal wad for TNS
dal01.wad 2004 30 maps, need to take a closer look at, REQUIRES JUMP in some maps, was on Mem's server, some maps definitely not very fit for TNS
darken + darken2 1999/2000 Together 23 maps. There are some conflicting textures/patches.
Death Tormentation 3 2005 E4 replacement for DOOM.WAD
Dimension of Time 1998
dmp2012.wad 2013 Split into 2 sessions, I think. 31 vanilla/limit-removing/Boom maps + 9 ZDoom/UDMF maps (map30 and map33-40). We already did dmp2013, dmp2014 and dmp2015 so I guess this one would fit as well?! ZDoom maps can be excluded in the maplist but some might actually be compatible with ZDaemon.
Doomed in Space DW thread WIP
Doom II: Hellscape DW thread 2017 10 maps
too many linedefs in 5 maps:
MAP23 - 33,607
MAP24 - 45,881
MAP26 - 36,356
MAP27 - 39,605
MAP28 - 33,337
draftex.wad 2014 9 maps, E4 replacement for DOOM.WAD, seems to be pretty ammo tight
e1 replacement What's that? (It's mentioned in TNS internal without any further info.)
enigma 1996 only 9 maps. has some confusing puzzle maps, not sure how fit for TNS is it
Eternity 1994 E2 replacement for DOOM.WAD (missing E2M9)
etrnyour.wad (Eternally Yours) 2012 11 maps, by the author of Reverie
Evil Returns Beta01 download WIP A WAD by Cartel (on ZRC)/Cobra (in ZD Forums) in a beta stage. He expressed a wish for this to be played in TNS. There is a useful txt in the zip archive and Cartel can be found hanging around in #ducks if questions arise. (I am copying the link here to free up space in the #ducks channel topic. ~duck)
Favillesco episodes idgames links 2013-15 episode replacements for DOOM.WAD, each in a separate WAD. E1 and E2 have no new graphics apart from intermission screens so they could be loaded together without any merging.
Final Doom the Way id Did DW thread WIP
Fragport 2001 32 maps. Old school looking megawad by The Ultimate DooMer. Cramped in places. Some maps are very sparsely populated especially compared to the map size. Might start with pain if we will run this.
HACX 1997
HC20.wad (Hellcore 2.0) 2006 12 maps. visuals over gameplay, though
helinhel 1996 1 session - many maps have fairly low monstercounts. '96 megawad also featuring '96 quality mapping. Not very familiar with it but from a quick look should be at least OK for TNS purposes. Map30 has several switch puzzles (which however should be quickly solvable with “brute force”). Also seems to be impossible to hit Romero in map30 but that can be easily solved with TNS scripts, too.
Herian2 1999
Heroes2 1996
Into The Void DW thread WIP community project centered around polishing speedmaps for release in a megawad
joetune.wad (License to Ilya) 2015 Yup, I'm serious. We should probably run it with the custom sounds removed, though. 17 maps.
JOI DW thread WIP 12 maps (map01-11, map32), some of them quite long. Map11 is currently unfinished but it can be exited.
jptr_v40 (The Lost Episodes of Doom) 1995
jth (Journey To Hell) download 2009 Slaughtery megawad heavily inspired by HR, HR2 and AV. Some maps have cramped start areas.
Khorus - 9-maps wad DW thread 2012
ksutra2 WIP(?)
mayhem12.wad?! 2012 12 maps, last map has over 1000 monsters
MAYhem_2013.wad?! 2014 11 maps. lol, map10 start
Necropia?! 2009 1/2 sessions? Now, this wad absolutely sucks in my opinion, it's ridiculously unbalanced in terms of health and armor, it has BFG (all guns actually) in (almost?) every map and I gave it a nickname deathpit.wad because… well, I think you can guess the answer… BUT to my surprise I've seen a few people make positive comments about it already and when it's played on Duck servers people don't really seem to be bothered by it. REQUIRES JUMP. Map27 has narrow hallways and map29 will probably break the record in deathpit deaths if we don't puke teles. Anyway, if this passes it wasn't my idea :P Blame Evo.
neodoom.wad 2006 32maps, ???!!
New World 2 2004
Nightmare download 2011 9 maps with a new custom final boss monster
Nihility DW thread WIP so far an E2 replacement for DOOM.WAD with some new weapons and monsters. Author plans to expands it to a full 36-level megawad.
nmdu.wad 2009 27 maps for DOOM.WAD, might need to start with pain rota
PAR download 2003 13 maps for DOOM.WAD (E1M1-E1M9, E2M5-E2M8). Some start areas are very cramped and E1M4 is unbearably cramped but it probably could be finished under 2 minutes. The WAD seems to be a bit “visuals over gameplay” oriented.
PIR 1997
pwfinal + skepland 2014/2011 Maybe also add Memfis' Plutosis to it (4 short maps). All three require Plutonia as IWAD. Plutonium Winds has death exit on every map but author said he may add new maps along with removing the death exits some day… At least one map in pwfinal will also require some coopfixing/puking tele.
reticue1.wad?! DW thread 2013/WIP(?) 10 maps, new maps planned
Reverie 2011 1 session with limited maplist. Memfis' maplist is : 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32. I believe only 16 maps is too strict. I think some maps would become playable by simply slightly moving player 2-4 starts to better places (without giving players access to areas deeper in the level).
ruinbros 2001
spacwars.wad 2015 12 singleplayer maps, Not sure if it's possible to convert this wad for ZDaemon. Final version of the wad crashes ZDaemon with this message: 'Script error, “ANIMDEF” line 34: Animation has too many frames'. Some monsters and textures would also have to be remade so ZDaemon can recognize them. There are also some objects apparently unknown to ZDaemon that show up as the graphic with exclamation mark. But I suppose these are just decoration stuff not too important and can be easily fixed by replacing the exclamation mark graphic with a transparent graphic.
speedmaps by rdwpa DW thread WIP(?)
Struggle DW thread WIP All weapons except SSG are new + some modified monster behavior and some new monsters. Might be too cramped for TNS. Currently 17 maps, it's supposed to be expanded to a full megawad.
Sunder 2009 14 maps, there are some partially coopfixed versions floating around (sunder_multi_1.wad, sunderfixed.wad, sunderrevised.wad), map11 and map14 throw “Map error: bad or missing SSECTORS lump. You need to build the nodes before playing this map!”; 1st rota could be finished relatively quickly with the TNS crowd, what for 2nd? :D
Switcheroom 2014 36 maps for DOOM.WAD
Switcheroom 2 DW thread WIP 32 maps for Doom 2
Texture Extravaganza DW thread WIP
The Blueberry Shadow DW thread WIP(?)
The Ultimate Doom II DW thread WIP
TNT 2: Devilution DW thread WIP
TPBM.wad (Thy PrBoom Maps) 2015 14 maps, seems to have a lot of cramped areas but need to take a closer look at
twzone (2nd release) 1999 poor man's Zone 300. 32 (+3 weird ones without exit) small to medium-sized maps from 1998 by Paul Corfiatis. Many narrow passages.
Ultimate Doom In Name Only DW thread WIP old DW thread:
Ultimate Simplicity 2005 it's a .pk3 that won't run in ZDaemon (don't know if it's possible to convert for ZDaemon) and sp_simp.wad what is a previous version of the wad throws 'Script error, “ANIMDEFS” line 83: Switch must have an on state'
uu2e1-v1.wad?! DW thread 2013 7 maps, unfinished UAC Ultra 2 that most likely isn't being worked on anymore.
Valiant 2015 important problems:
- Some of the imp's attack frames seem to be missing so imps disappear for a moment in their attack sequence (not present in valiant_zdfix_v2).
- Suicide bombers don't work now and only the graphic with exclamation mark is shown in their place (not present in valiant_zdfix_v2).
- The Archvile boss in map30 freezes after beginning his attack and is therefore harmless (not present in valiant_zdfix_v2).
- Aracnorbs replace all chaingunners and they also seem to be randomly(?) located in places where they're not supposed to be (not present in valiant_zdfix_v2).
- Aracnorb's dying sound is silent.
- There is supposed to be some random chance that after killing an arachnotron an aracnorb raises from its dead body.
- Many HOMs. They can be fixed by adding new vertices.
- Map06 crashes ZDaemon.
- Maps 13 and 23 throw this error: “Map error: bad or missing SSECTORS lump. You need to build the nodes before playing this map!”
- The Final Countdown easter egg in map27 doesn't work.
- Map30 doesn't work properly in ZDaemon
monsters are supposed to be released from their rooms in some intervals. They're currently not released at all except for the final boss.
- Some frames of the red Archvile boss appear after player picks up invisibility.
- Chaingunners are supposed to drop clips, not chainguns.
- No new obituaries (except for SS Nazi) present in the WAD and therefore you get Mastermind's obituary after getting killed by Cybruiser. The other new monsters either have the old obituaries or a “died” one.
vilecore 2000 32 maps. seems to have a lot of narrow passages
vv + vv2 2005/2006 7 maps each, might have some conflicting textures or patches
wolf3de46 download 2012
zbludv41 download 2008?

WADs not fit for TNS

Name Link(s)
32hnpain.wad 32 maps, requires TNT IWAD, narrow hallways and small rooms EVERYWHERE, not fit even with limited maplist
Cleimos2 very confusing maps and too cramped
doom32 32 maps, WAD from 1997, seems not fit quality-wise for TNS
Eternal Torture Too cramped?
Interception: Part II DW thread most likely dead, no maps available for download and the last post in the thread is from 23 December 2012
Stomper restoration project DW thread
ZDoom forums
AFAIK it was discontinued, the new maps were put into Freudian Slipgate.
vengador_spbv2.wad download Suggested by PerronDon. Generally weird, mazes with 64-wide corridors, long narrow bridges
xarath12.wad DW thread Too cramped.
X-noob survival concept not fit for TNS
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