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This page documents some CVARs and monster IDs that can be used to control the presence of certain monster types in total randomisation and standard randomisation. For further documentation which includes more CVARs check the RANDMLIB lump in the current rhinolib WAD.

For general descriptions of the TNS custom monsters and their behavior check this link.
For more technical info about the monsters that could be helpful if you want to reuse/modify them for your own purposes check this link instead.

To use the CVARs mentioned here replace ## with one of the IDs listed at the bottom of the page.

to exclude certain monster type from radomisation:

rcon set rds_randexclude## 1

Use rcon set rds_randexclude## 0 to include it again.

To exclude all custom monsters (useful when TNS dehacked can't be loaded):

rcon set rds_randmode 4

to lower the occurence of a certain monster type:

Preferably use this before you resort to using randm_cap.

rcon set randm_chance## 1

Use rcon set randm_chance## 0 to reset it to default.

to limit how many monsters of a certain type can appear in a map:

Preferably use this on 2 occasions:
1. When some map couldn't be beaten after many attempts and you already used rcon set randm_chance## 1 before. Then unset the CVAR after the map is beaten.
2. When you're leaving the session as the last admin and you think the upcoming maps are going to be too hard to beat without it (consider if using rcon set randm_chance## 1 might be better).

rcon set randm_cap## <maxvalue>

For example, if you use rcon set randm_cap30 3 the map will have at most 3 destructors.

Use rcon set randm_cap## 0 to reset it to default (i.e. no limit).

Monster type IDs

(original item that is being replaced is in parentheses)

1 ZombieMan
2 DoomImp
3 ShotgunGuy
4 Demon
5 Spectre
6 LostSoul
7 ChaingunGuy
8 Cacodemon
9 PainElemental
10 HellKnight
11 Revenant
12 BaronOfHell
13 Arachnotron
14 Fatso
15 Archvile
16 Cyberdemon
17 SpiderMastermind
18 WolfensteinSS
19 Plasma Sergeant (GoldFlag)
20 Caco Lich (GreenFlag)
21 Afrit (WhiteFlag)
22 Lord of Heresy (BurningBarrel)
23 Hell Warrior (BrainStem)
24 Suicide Bomber (StealthDemon)
25 Mauler Demon (StealthArchvile)              NOTE: rhinoduck (the monster) replaces the mauler demon
26 RapidFireTrooper (WolfensteinSS)
27 Arachnophyte (StealthArachnotron)
28 Aracnorb (StealthFatso)
29 Pain Soul (Wizard)
30 Destructor (StealthHellKnight)
31 Snake Imp (BlueFlag)
32 Badass Cyberdemon (StealthBaron)
33 Soul Harvester (RedFlag)

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