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TNS Admin Guidelines

What to do to make the session last long and be enjoyable.

When the session is starting

Remove the connect password from the server (obviously, haha).

Send out the ZRC global notice (this used to be automated, but it no longer always is the case). ErisFalling and Keyboard_Doomer can do this; if you need to add somebody else, AF-Domains is the person to request access from.

/msg security gnotice zds:// Thursday Night Survival; This week it is >> 258 - THT: Threnody << - Get in here!

This is the original template (update certain data, ofc), but feel free to get creative as long as you pass all the important information.

When the session is going

Bot used to send out automated messages in #zdplayers every 30 minutes, this usually no longer happens. It would not be a bad idea to post a zds link to the server there at least informing about rotation changes for example (some people may be waiting for PAIN etc.); more interesting moments can be chosen, or a message could simply also be slid in if a long time from the previous one has passed.

When leaving the session as the last admin

When the last admin is leaving the session, some configuration changes should be made, or the session should be passed on to someone with limited RCON.

Here's what to do and when (depending on current rotation/mod):


Disable join limit and enable map voting.

rcon sv_joinlimit 0; rcon sv_vote_map 1


Consider turning pain off completely

rcon pain_off

or turning off either fast or powerful (2x dmg) monsters

rcon sv_fastmonsters 0
rcon sv_powerful_monsters 0

or switching to a different easier mod depending on how many people are left and how long and difficult the maps are and the general outlook of the session.

Total Randomisation

Lower destructor spawning chance

rcon set randm_chance30 1

or/and cap destructor number per map to an absolute value.

rcon set randm_cap30 3 (max 3 destructors will appear each round)

Random Damage

Consider adding '50%' and/or 'healing' modes to make things easier

rcon set chdmg_randomHeal 1
rcon set chdmg_randomHalf 1

though this usually should not be necessary (but some wads/maps can be extra hard even in this mod).

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