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rhinolib is a collection of ACS libraries for ZDaemon currently used in TNS and on the Ducks servers.


There is a separate Rhinolib News page to which you can subscribe; new releases and their changelogs will be posted there.


Get the latest development release from

Source Code

You can find source code of each version in its respective wad file (see Downloads).

Or you can clone the git repository

git clone

or browse it at


Doxygen generated documentation is being added for new libraries. For older libraries, documentation is sparse or hopelessly out of date at the moment. Your best bet is to check the source code (many of the files have some documentation in comments at the top). Another place to look is the collection of random TNS docs (be wary of how old some of those are). You will also find some of the functionality described in the current TNS Documentation (there may be some discrepancies though).


Custom Monsters in ZDaemon (using TNS monsters and rhinolib)


There is a separate compatibility page describing what are the requirements for using rhinolib with other mods, or with PWADs which contain their own ACS scripts.


  • killalib - Kill 'em All by Krawa (slightly modified)
  • regenlib - HP regeneration by Sr69Mm-jC
  • the rest - rhinoduck

NOTE: randmlib started as a rewrite of worst's original TNS monster randomisation, and Worst and TNS are also to blame for initially sparking my interest in ACS. ~rhinoduck

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