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Server Console variables

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Console variables (CVARs)
Cvar name Default Description
acl “” Make your server “invite-only” and only allow players that you specify to join the server. [set acl “Some_Nick Another_Nick Yet_Another_Nick”]
acsdebug_pcdcount false Print how many ACS P-Code instructions were executed when a script stops or delays.
auto_altwads true Allows players without doom.wad/doom2.wad to use freedoom as an alternative whenever possible.
banlist_url “” Specify an internet location of a custom banlist text file that will be periodically fetched by your server.
commentators “” This variable is used when sv_voice_chat is set to 3 = commentary mode. It specifies the players that are commentators. Each nickname is to be separated with a space. [set commentators “Some_Nick Another_Nick Yet_Another_Nick”]
compat_shorttex true Controls the handling of textures. When it's true, the engine emulates a shortest-texture-related bug that was present in the original doom engine. This behavior is needed for certain WADs (it can affect how much some floors/ceilings raise/lower). Set it to false if you don't need such compatibility.
coop_telefrags false Controls whether player-to-player telefragging is enabled in coop/survival modes. The CVAR is forced to false for all public, non-passworded servers.
cv_gmtime - Read-only and return the number of seconds since midnight in local time and GMT time respectively.
cv_localtime -
developer false Enable debug outputs for SECTINFO, PATCHINF and MUSINFO.
dmflags 0 If your server requires a predetermined combination of flags, set them here. This is useful for loading author-defined map settings without having to set all the single options.
dmflags2 131072
dmflags3 0
email “” This is the email address at which players can contact you about any problems or suggestions they may have. It is always a good idea to set this to a valid email account that you check regularly.
forcewater false If forcewater is enabled then all Boom-style deep water will be swimmable. Keep in mind that the deep water effect is not only used for water effects and that swimmable water might alter the gameplay.
fraglimit 0 The frag limit can be used in any non-cooperative game mode. When a player kills an amount of players (or bots) equal to or greater than the value of the frag limit, the game ends.
gametype 2 Set the game type:
0 → DM (Deathmatch)
1 → TDM (Team Deathmatch)
2 → Coop (Cooperative)
3 → CTF (Capture the Flag)
4 → Survival
5 → DDOM (Double Domination)
6 → KOTH (King of the Hill)
9 → Duel
genblockmap false If the following CVAR is enabled then existing blockmaps are ignored and a new blockmap is generated from scratch for each map. Can be useful for maps with a faulty or corrupted blockmap.
hostname “ZDaemon Server” This is the name of the server that will be displayed in the launcher. To set up different server names for different maps, see the Cvar Overrides section.
http_title “” The http_title variable allows you to specify a different name on the demo downloading page.
infighting 0 Controls the behaviour of monsters when infight is triggered:
-1 : Monsters never fight other monsters
0 : Monsters do not fight other monsters of their own kind unless they use bullet attacks. This is the standard Doom behavior.
1 : Monsters will fight other monsters, including those of their own kind.
item_respawn_time 0 Determines how long in seconds an item goes before being respawned. It applies only when the Respawn Items cvar (sv_itemrespawn)is enabled. Setting it to 0 will use the default respawn times (Doom = 30 and 40 otherwise).
join_password “” Sets a join password on the server, so that players need to supply the password in order to join the game. To enable this, set this variable to a string of your choice. To disable the join password, leave it blank.
joinable_teams “” It's a bitmask indicating which teams are allowed to join (1=red, 2=blue, 4=green, 8=white). It is automatically reset whenever maxteams is set; it can assume a value between 1 (only red can join) and 15 (all 4 teams can join). Note that team joining is STILL SUBJECT TO “maxteams”; if for example you want only red and green to join, you will set maxteams to 3 (or 4) and joinable_teams to 1+4 = 5. If you set maxteams to 2 and joinable_teams to 5, then only red will be able to join.
killlimit 0 Is used in cooperative to introduce a goal similar to the frag limit in deathmatch. If the value is positive, then the game ends when ANY player kills that amount of monsters. If the value is negative, then ALL players must reach the given goal to end the map. Set it to 0 disable
lobby false Activates the “lobby mode”:
1. The server auto-switches to map00 when both players leave.
2. The server auto-switches to map00 when a map ends.
3. All maps will always be available for voting, no matter
the value of sv_vote_map_skip.
4. There will be no time limit on map00.
5. Dynamic bots (minplayers) are excluded from map00.

For this mode to get activated, you need to:
a. Set the “lobby” CVAR to a value of 1.
b. map00 should exist in the loaded WADs.
c. Define a maplist on the server.
d. Include map00 into the maplist.
log_disposition 2 Determines what will be done with logs after they are used. Possible values include:
0 = Keep them in the directory they were created.
1 = Move them to the “old-logs” directory.
2 = Delete them.
log_publish false When log_publish is enabled, logs can be fetched from:
Only non-sensitive logs are available through this mechanism.
log_publish_maxage 7 Sets the maximum age of the displayed logs.
The log_publish_maxage ranges from 1 to 30.
log_scores 0 This variable will print the intermission information to the zserv console and if enabled the general log as well.
master_advertise 1 Is used to determine how the server should be advertised. Possible values include:
0 = Do not advertise the server anywhere.
1 = Advertise on the master server list only.
2 = Advertise on the local area network only.
3 = Advertise on both.
If you have problems where you cannot see your own server in the list, even though other players can, advertise it to the LAN too.
max_download_kbps 0 Allows you to control the maximum download rate. A positive value indicates the maximum download rate in kilo-bits per second; zero or negative values disable the throttling.
max_transfers 10 Allows you to control the maximum number of concurrent transfers allowed; requests that will result in exceeding that limit are ignored.
maxclients 50 Determine how many clients can connect to server. The maximum client limit is 100.
maxlives 0 Determine how many times can you die before being forced out for the round in Survival game mode.
maxlostsouls 21 Specifies how many lost souls need to be alive in a map before the pain elemental cannot spawn anymore of them. In vanilla Doom a pain elemental could not spawn a lost soul if 21 or more lost souls were alive in the map. If set to 0 a pain elemental can always spawn a lost soul.
maxplayers 50 Determine how many players can join the game. The maximum player limit is 100. The maxplayers variable should never exceed the maxclients variable for obvious reasons.
maxplayersperteam 0 Restricts each team to a maximum number of players, to avoid excessively unfair teams. Set this to -1, and ZDaemon tries to handle this automatically according to the maxplayers and maxteams cvars. Set it to 0 to disable.
maxteams 4 Determines the number of teams that can play on the server (applies to team modes only). It can range from 2 up to 4.
minplayers 0 Instructs the server to automatically spawn and remove bots in order to maintain a fixed number of players on the server as long as there is one human player on the server. For instance, if set to 3, the game will remain empty until a player joins the server. At this point, two bots will be spawned, bringing to total amount of players to three. If a second player joins the server, then a bot will leave the server to adjust the total number of players to 3. If then one or more people join the server, no bots will be present on the server.
Note: The bots.cfg must be present in the zserv directory for bots to work.
motd “Welcome to ZDaemon<br>1.0<br><br><br>Happy fragging!” This is the Message of the Day. It is displayed to all players that join your server. To insert line breaks, use “<br>”.
nofilecompression false Disable all file compression.
optional_wads “” Specify which loaded wads are optional. You can include multiple wads by separating them with spaces and enclosing all of them in double quotes. No harm is done if a wad listed here is not actually loaded on the server. Wad names may *not* contain path information.
overtime true Overtime is a variable that serves as a tie-breaker. When the time limit is reached and the scores are tied, the game goes into a “sudden death” mode where the next frag or flag capture ends the game.
(DUEL Mode: Overtime cannot be disabled)
password “” You can set a password on the server, so that players need to supply the password in order to connect to it. To enable this, set this variable to a string of your choice. To disable the password, leave it blank.
rcon_cmds_1 “” You can have up to 9 limited RCON levels. You specify a password via the “rcon_pwd_N” (where N=1..9) CVAR, as well as the acceptable commands for each level via the “rcon_cmds_N” CVAR. The example below defines a limited RCON level suitable for refereeing games.
set rcon_pwd_1 “referee”
set rcon_cmds_1 “mapskipby mapskipto maplist players kick addtempban”
rcon_password “” RCON (short for remote console) is a way of administrating a server from in-game. To enable RCON, simply set the password to something that others are not likely to guess. Remember, only give out the password to those you trust.
To disable RCON, leave the password blank.
rcon_pwd_1 “” You can have up to 9 limited RCON levels. You specify a password via the “rcon_pwd_N” (where N=1..9) CVAR, as well as the acceptable commands for each level via the “rcon_cmds_N” CVAR.
removebotswhenhumans false The removebotswhenhumans cvar instructs the server to remove all bots in the presence of at least two players.
Bots must be enabled via the “minplayers” cvar.
restartemptymap false Reset the current map to it's original state if all players leave the server. Useful for 1-on-1 servers with no time limit. This still applies if spectators are present; the game ends and the map restarts. If the variable is set to 2 then the next map in the maplist will start instead. This is useful for wads with a selection map.
skill 2 Controls the difficulty level of the game. Possible values include:
0 = I'm Too Young to Die
1 = Hey, Not Too Rough
2 = Hurt Me Plenty
3 = Ultra-violence
4 = Nightmare!
Difficulty level determines what things appear on the maps (if the maps take advantage of them, that is). On skills 0 and 4, all ammunition pickups give double ammo, and on skill 4, fast and respawning monsters are forced.
sleep_on_empty 1 Instructs the server to sleep (and consume less CPU) when there are no humans around. 0 disables that option. 1 enables it but keeps the level timer going (so timelimit can work), 2 enables it for everything including the level timer.
spam_limit 4 These two variables pertain to the chat spam control. The chat_window is expressed in seconds, and spam_limit is expressed in the maximum amount of messages allowed within the spam_window.
If you don't specify these variables at all or the server is advertised to the master server, the values of spam_window and spam_limit default to 8 and 4, respectively. If the server is not advertized on the master, you can disable chat spam control by setting both (or either) to 0.
spam_window 10
specs_dont_disturb_players false Controls whether or not spectators can send messages to players. This is useful in 1-on-1 matches where players like to concentrate.
ssd_keepdays 7 Control how long the oldest demo(s) will be available for before being automatically cleaned up. A value of 0 will disable the automated cleanup (not recommended if you don't have an alternate means of cleanup setup).
ssd_minsecs 30 Define the minimum amount of time that is required in order for a demo to be stored.
ssd_process “” Define an external script for post-recording processing of demos. If this variable is non-empty, all built-in clean-up and publishing methods are NOT used. The processing and other actions are left entirely upto you.
Note: This variable is for advanced users only. If you do not need alternate post-recording processing, do not use.
ssd_publish true Enables players to download the demos in question from the http://SERVER_IP:PORT/demos/ URL.
The IP:Port corresponds to the SERVER_IP and PORT of the server. The URL is only available when publishing is enabled.
ssd_record 0 Enables server-side demo recording. Possible values:
0 = Disabled
1 = Demo recording begins when one player joins the game.
2 = Demo recording begins when one player connects to the server.
ssd_url “” Define an alternate URL. This would most commonly be used if the ssd_process variable is also active. The string will override the default publishing URL.
Escape sequences that can be used in the URL:
$a = Replaced by the IP address of the server.
$p = Replaced by the listening port of the server.
ssd_voice true Determine whether voice data will be stored in a recorded demo or not.
survival_timed_spec_reset true Will reset the inventory of spectators at 180 seconds after the round starts if enabled. The CVAR is forced to true for all public, non-passworded servers.
sv_acs_world_exit false When enabled then ASC OPEN scripts can exit a map even when sv_noexit is set. Beware that the activator in other scripts, that
use a delay, can become NULL before exit is called, thus resulting in a mistaken 'world' exit.
sv_aircontrol 0 Air control refers to how much you can move while in mid-air. The original value for air control in ZDoom is 1/256 or 0.00390625. The value must be between 0 and 1
sv_allow_target_names true Enables display of target player names.
sv_allowzoom false Enables zooming.
sv_ammomultiplier 100 Modifies the amount of ammo given on pickups. It's a scale factor expressed in percentage terms: defaults to 100 (%) and can range from 0 up to 500 (%). Applies to coop and survival ONLY: ignored in other modes.
sv_barrelrespawn false Enable barrel respawns.
sv_berserkspawn false Have players spawn with berserk.
sv_brightskins false Enables fullbright skins.
sv_ctf_old_convention false Old CTF map convention. Deprecated.
sv_dbljump false Enables double jumping.
sv_deathlimit 180 Determines how many seconds can remain dead. The default value is 180 seconds (60 seconds for the DUEL gametype, 5 for Survival). When that expires, he either becomes a spectator or gets respawned depending on the “sv_forcerespawn” dmflag. Set it to 0 to disable it. Useful for player/spectator slot abuse.
(DUEL gametype constraints: Min 15, max 60)
(Survival gametype constraints: Min 1, max 5)
sv_falldamage false Apply Hexen-style falling damage.
sv_fastmonsters false Enables fast monsters.
sv_fineticks 1 Controls the availability of the most frequent updates from the server side. It can take one of 4 values:
0 = “Single tick” updates will be denied to all (so everyone will use an update frequency of 2 or 3).
1 = “Single tick” updates will be available to spectators only.
2 = “Single tick” updates will be available to players only.
3 = “Single tick” updates will be available to everyone.
sv_forcerespawn false Force respawning or spectating after idling.
sv_full_acsitem true Controls the amount of ammo received from ACS spawned items. If enabled they act like map placed items, otherwise like dropped items.
sv_fullscreen false Determines that players should use fullscreen (rather than widescreen) view
sv_gravity 800 Controls the ammount of gravity in a map. The range for sv_gravity is 0 to 1600. Default = 800.
sv_hide_countries false Hides player countries on scoreboard and in the serverlist in Zlauncher
sv_infiniteammo false Enables infinite ammunition.
sv_infiniteitems false Don't decrease inventory item count when using them.
sv_info_caching 3 Determines the amount of caching that the zserv will apply to the info sent to browsers. It's an integer value expressed in seconds. Defaults to 3. It can range from 1 (very little caching) to 15 (very large caching).
sv_insta_switch false Enables instant weapon switching.
sv_instagib false Enables instagib mode. This mode applies to doom only: when it's on, all health, armor, powerups, weapons, ammo are removed from maps and everyone spawns equipped with a railgun and infinite ammo. All railgun shots are fatal (single-shot kills). This dmflag is incompatible with the vampire and dropweapons dmflags; they will be unavailable while the instagib dmflag is on.
sv_instatele false All teleport crossings are instant, removes the half-second freeze, and preserves the player speed and angle on normal (non-silent) teleports.
sv_intermissiontime 0 Lets you adjust the intermission time from 3 to 300 seconds. When set to 0 then the intermission time in team modes will be 20 seconds and 15 seconds for all other game modes. This is restricted to private OR passworded servers.
sv_itemrespawn false Enables item respawns except artifacts.
sv_joinlimit 0 Applies to survival and blocks spectator joins after the specified number of minutes from the time someone joins the map.
sv_keepkeys false Enables players to keep current keys upon death. Only works in Cooperative and Team Modes.
sv_keys_inteammodes false Enables key spawns in team games.
sv_keys_stay false Keys stay after being picked up.
sv_keys_teamkeys false Each team spawns with a specific key.
sv_maxclientsperip 4 This options allows you to specify how many clients can connect to your server using the same IP address. It's useful against Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. You can disable the check by setting the value to 0.
sv_monsterrespawn false Enables monster respawns.
sv_multikeybinds false It determines whether aliases/bindings can trigger more than one key at the same time (typically used for SR50 automation).
sv_newthrust false ZDoom 2.x ThrustThing behavior. The main difference is that the thrust angle and momentum is added to the preexisting player speed/angle instead of replacing it. Careful when using this DMFLAG: some maps require the old behavior (eg., zdctfmp2.wad map17).
sv_niceweapons false Start with shotgun and extra bullets. Only works in Cooperative Mode.
sv_no_team_starts false Disables team-specific player starts.
sv_noarmor false Disables spawning items that grant armor.
sv_nochasemode false Disables chase mode from working in coop/survival modes in online games (chase mode is already blocked in other, competitive modes).
sv_nocrosshair false Disables the use of crosshairs in game .
sv_noepisodereset false Disables inventory reset when episode starts (E1M1, E2M1, E3M1, E4M1, E5M1, MAP01). It has lower priority than CVAR sv_resetinventory.
sv_noexit false Doesn't allow players to exit the map.
sv_noexitkill false Disables exit suiciding.
sv_nofreelook false Disables freelook/mouselook.
sv_nohealth false Disables spawning of items that grant health.
sv_noitems false Disables spawning of any items.
sv_nojump false Disables jumping.
sv_nomonsters false Disables spawning any monsters.
sv_nopassover false Enables infinitely tall actors.
sv_nosuper false Disables spawning of spheres or blue armor.
sv_oldblast false Enables vanilla blast physics. Explosions will move the player only along the X and Y axis.
sv_olddeath false Classic death camera (on floor/rotating)
sv_olddropoff false When this flag is on, actors cannot be pushed from ledges. When the flag is off then the behavior is similar to BOOM's. This option is useful for maps that need vanilla behavior like avj.wad where monsters should not drop from pillars.
sv_oldfalldamage false Applies ZDoom-style falling damage.
sv_oldmissileclip false Enables vanilla missile behavior regarding clipping to doom obstacles.
sv_oldsoundcut false Enables classic sound distances.
sv_oldwallrun false Enables classic wall-running behavior.
sv_oldweaponswitch false Enables classic weapon switching behavior.
sv_oldwepsound false Enables classic pickup sound behavior.
sv_powerful_monsters false Monsters deal twice as much damage.
sv_randmaps false Enables the maplist to be shuffled in order.
sv_resetinventory false Reset inventory after exiting the map. Only works in Cooperative Mode.
sv_reshuffle 0 Reshuffles a random maplist after a certain amount of played maps when sv_randmaps is true. 0 never reshuffles.
sv_respawnprotect false Enables three-second spawn protection.
sv_respawnsuper false Enables artifact respawns.
sv_samelevel false Restart map upon exiting.
sv_samespawnspot false Players respawn where they died. Only works in Cooperative Mode.
sv_showmultikills true Enables announces of multikills.
sv_showsprees true Enables announces of sprees.
sv_silentbfg false Enables classic sound limitation.
sv_spawnfarthest false Enables respawn farthest. Only works in Deathmatch Mode.
sv_specteamblock false Restricts spectators to own teams in team modes.
sv_splashfactor 1 Behaves like a damage and kickback scalar for splash damage from rockets, explosions, etc. When set to a very small value like 0.001, the damage and kickback are nullified. When set to negative values, the damage is zero, but the kickback is the same as if the splashfactor were positive. If for example you set sv_splashfactor to -1, you get the same kickback as usual, but no damage at all. Useful for rocket jumping on any map.
sv_strong_monsters false Monsters have twice as many hit points.
sv_teamautoaim false When set to non-zero, teammates are excluded from autoaim calculations. Default = 0 (ie., the game behaves as it always did).
sv_telemissiles false Enables teleporting of projectiles.
sv_trace false Enables hitscan weapons to cross self referential sectors.
sv_useblocking false All special lines can block use lines.
sv_vampire false When enabled, damaging an opponent will increase your health by half the damage you deal. There is an upper limit that one can reach through this mechanism and it's halfway between normal health (100) and max. sphere health (200), so it's 150 by default. Those 2 values can be adjusted via dehacked though. DM servers will NOT collect exp when this mode is on.
sv_voice_chat 1 Controls the voice chat availability. Possible values are:
0 = disable
1 = within teams only
2 = everyone
3 = commentary mode
Default value is 1. Coop/Survival chat counts as “team chat”. The value of “2” will be enabled only on private or passworded servers. The value of “3” is specifically for restricting the voice chat to a list of defined commentators.
sv_voice_max_quality 5 Controls the max. voice quality and ranges from 1 to 7. Higher quality values result in higher bit rates. Default max. quality on the server is 5.
Qual. bps Description
1 5950 Very noticeable artifacts/noise
2-3 8000 Artifacts/noise sometimes noticeable
4-5 11000 Artifacts usually noticeable only with headphones
6-7 15000 Need good headphones to tell the difference
sv_voodoo_spawns false Enables spawning of real players on voodoo doll starts.
sv_vote_kick false Enable/disable kick voting (COOP only).
sv_vote_kick_percent 60 Percentage needed to pass the kick vote.
sv_vote_limit 3 Number of times someone can call a vote per map
sv_vote_map false Enable/disable map voting.
sv_vote_map_percent 51 Percentage needed to pass a reset/switch vote.
sv_vote_map_skip 0 Sets how many maps must be played before a map is eligible for voting after it has been played.
sv_vote_min 50 Percentage of participation needed to ignore non-participants from the vote calculations.
sv_vote_randcaps false Enable/disable random team captain voting.
sv_vote_randmap false Enable/disable random map voting.
sv_vote_reset false Enable/disable map reset voting.
sv_vote_timeout 45 Sets how long the voting will last (seconds).
sv_weapondrop false Enables players to drop current weapon upon death.
sv_weaponstay false Enables that weapons will stay after being picked up.
teamdamage 0 Enable friendly fire, if desired. Values:
0.0 = No damage.
0.25 = Quarter damage.
1.0 = Full damage.
0.50 = Half damage.
Note: the value must be between and 0 and 1. For coop this is restricted to private OR passworded servers.
teamkilllimit 0 Is used in either the coop or survival mode. It specifies the number of monsters killed by all players that will trigger a map change. It defaults to zero (ie., inactive).
teamscorelimit 0 Is used in any team mode (TDM, CTF, DDOM) and it indicates the score that a team must reach to end the round. The score is defined as team frags in TDM, flags in CTF and dominations in DDOM.
timelimit 0 When set, each map will end after a certain amount of time, in terms of minutes. Useful for matches that can dead-end quickly.
var_friction true If var_friction is disabled then all custom sector frictions are ignored and normal friction is applied.
var_pushers true If var_pushers is disabled then all push/pull wind effects will be disabled.
wad_downloads false Enables wad downloading from the server. When the downloads are enabled, the launcher will be notified about it and will use the server's download page to fetch any missing WADs: http://SERVER_IP:PORT/wads/
warmup_timelimit 5 Value in minutes. The warmup_timelimit will ensure that the warmup period will end after a certain amount of time has passed. This will prevent the warmup period from lasting forever. (Duel mode only)
website This is an internet location of any wads that may be running on your server. The GetWad utility will first look here to download custom wads.
zdoom_blockeverything false When enabled, then lines with the BLOCK_EVERYTHING flag will block some weapon attacks such as the railgun shots and bfg tracer rays. For such lines it will also affect line sliding (bumping and wallrunning). It also affects some monster attacks such as the arch vile attack, and monster sight checks going through such lines.
(When disabled it will restore the old gameplay behaviour on Cybercrime 3.)
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