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# EditorConfig for rhinolib
# Go to to see what this is and how it works.
# This is the top-level .editorconfig file for this directory tree.
root = true
# Apply the following settings to every file in the tree.
# There are no characters outside of the ASCII range in the source (nor there
# should be), but let's specify a common sane encoding anyway.
charset = utf-8
# This is left unspecified to allow Git working copies to use platform's native
# EOL convention. If EditorConfig introduces a 'native' option to complement
# Git's behaviour, then that one can be used to ensure consistency.
# See:
# Until then, make sure that what ends up in the repository has unix-style line
# terminators. The .gitattributes file included in this repository should take
# care of that, but you still need to heed and evaluate any warnings about EOLs
# that git emits.
#end_of_line = lf
# This project uses tabs for indentation; spaces are used for alignment.
# See:
indent_style = tab
# Tab width should be at most 4 if the code is to fit into 80 character wide
# columns. Changing this value will not affect alignment as spaces on top of
# tabs are used for alignment.
tab_width = 4
# This is left unspecified as it is irrelevant when tabs are used for
# indentation.
# TODO: Are there editors which need this to be specified anyway?
#indent_size = 4
# The compiler (ACC) does not require this, but there are still other reasons
# to have the last line terminated. See:
insert_final_newline = true
# Get rid off invisible garbage to eliminate noise in diffs, and to avoid having
# to deal with meaningless conflicts during merges and when applying patches.
trim_trailing_whitespace = true